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Customer Reviews The Organic Way Of Marketing

Just check out and on instances, there will be a feeling that your business is experiencing a whole lot of negative comments on the social media sites. These are very concerning for your business and hence the best option will be to conduct a customer survey.

The customer survey is just perfect as you can quickly focus on making strategic changes based on the market requirements. There are always the sales reports to focus upon but that presents you with half side of the story. Moreover, if you selling to a retailer, the sales person just does not get to react with the end customer. Alternatively, a customer survey report often tends to show you the specific areas, where you could have gone wrong. In short, one can say that it helps to create a bigger impact.

You need to ponder over that 80/20 rule for your business. Let us take into consideration a scenario that 20% of the customer brings in 80% of your revenues. Hence, just in case the sales force brings in a request from that low revenue generation customer, it will automatically be on your low priority list. In short, you would want the changes done through the survey on these few key aspects. The focus should be on customers who bring in greater revenue.

We would like to update on certain key factors once your survey is conducted. Let us quickly take a look at the list.

  1. Just query the customer after they have tested the product fully. Putting up a question after you have just shipped a product does not serve the purpose.
  2. If you have an extremely happy customer just insist on whether he/she is willing to share the story. One can even look to make a case study.
  3. Now, in the case of an unhappy customer just get the customer service team working on it.
  4. Keep it short because people are busy and look to ask questions based on a rating scale.

Last but never the least just make sure that you structure the questions perfectly for the survey to be successful.

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