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What is Test Case Management in a QA organization What are its benefits

A foundation of a QA organization is test case management. To deliver software swiftly and securely, you need comprehensive and trustworthy test cases to confirm advanced functions or to guarantee that regressions do not pass through to end clients. Many businesses need help to create, manage, and implement a comprehensive collection of high-quality test case sets. These teams frequently experience low quality, coverage deficiencies, release delays, and missed chances to generate value through testing.

That’s why as the leader in digital quality, Applause offers a test case management solution, a key cog of the Product Excellence Platform. With this enterprise-grade solution that we’ve provided for clients for a decade-plus, we build, manage, execute, and maintain test cases at scale for our clients. This is proven to improve quality, accelerate release velocity, and maximize the value of test cases.

Benefits of Test Case Management 

The following are the primary advantages of Test Case Management in QA organization:

Excellent test cases

You will be assigned a dedicated and experienced expert test case developer with expertise in test case management and can develop them successfully on a large scale. The test case developer contributes expertise of your product and testing standards, as well as a third-party viewpoint, to guarantee fair test cases created from an end-user's standpoint.

A well-defined testing approach will boost the trust and efficiency of your deployments in a QA organization. The test case developer looks to carry out effective test case management continuously, guaranteeing that they stay viable and correct as the product develops and progresses. Some clients use test cases developed years ago before hundreds of the latest updates, so it's no surprise the testing process was unsuccessful.

High-speed test case implementation

Testing a comprehensive regression suite with only existing resources is an excellent strategy to delay your launch schedule. If you have a failure test suite that requires 20 hours to perform and only one tester present, it will take many days to finish the testing. 

To meet your exact testing requirements, you can take the help of specialized and verified testing teams who master test case management. These groups use a 'divide-and-conquer' strategy to run all components of the test case sets and test sequentially, allowing test case suites to be finished overnight.

Higher level of understanding

It's almost impossible to obtain useful insights into your test cases if you handle them in spreadsheets. You'll get more information and statistics with a test case management system for your QA organization to help you design your testing and development methods.

A test case management system analyses test cases for trends and give insights that extend beyond pass or fail to establish visibility or the capability to track demands to test cases. Suppose you are hesitant about where to get help for test case management in your QA organization. In that case, you can consult Hvantage, as they will give you a quantitative perspective of quality based only on test cases and assist you in making educated, data-driven launch decisions.

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