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Single Sign On and Its Workings

Single sign-on is a session and user authentication service that allows users to access various apps using a single set of login credentials, such as a username and password. Single sign-on can be used by companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and individuals to help them manage various credentials.

What is the process of single sign-on?

A federated identity management arrangement is a single sign-on. The application of such a system is sometimes referred to as identity federation. Open Authorization (OAuth) is a framework that allows third-party services, such as Facebook, to utilize an end user's account information without revealing the user's password.

OAuth operates as an intermediary on the end user's behalf by supplying the service with an authenticator that permits sharing certain account information. When a user seeks to access a service provider application, the service provider transmits an access request to the identifier. The service provider then confirms the authentication and lets the user access it.

In a basic online single sign-on service, an agent component on the application server gets the unique authentication information for an individual client from a specialized single sign-on policy server while verifying the user against a user database, such as a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol directory. The program verifies the end user for all programs to which the user has been granted access and removes future password requests for specific applications within the same session.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Single Sign-on

The following are some of the benefits of Single sign-on:

  • Each application requires users to recall and maintain fewer passwords and usernames.

  • Signing up and accessing applications is simplified; there's no need to reenter passwords.

  • The likelihood of phishing is reduced.

  • IT help desks are expected to get fewer password-related complaints.

The following are some of the disadvantages of Single sign-on:

  • It does not address the many levels of security that each application sign-on may require.

  • Users are blocked from connecting devices to Single sign-on if availability is lost.

  • Unauthorized users may get access to more than one program.

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