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What Is A Demand-Side Platform Vs Supply Side Platform

With the coming of advertising technology platforms like various demand side and supply side platforms, Ad buying and selling has become much easier than before. With the coming of these platforms supply and demand of digital ads has come together where buying and selling of these ads take place.

Due to these platforms, more than half of the work of the advertising campaign is done. So, let's now get into the specifics of the demand side and supply side platforms.

These platforms are used by marketing agencies for meeting their advertisement needs. Hence, it is very important to understand the functions and how these platforms work.

What is a demand-side platform?

It is software where the marketing agency can buy the digital ad inventory by budding on it. 

It is fully automatic which makes its process easy and fast. Due to demand-side platforms, there is no need to contact various publishers for deals. It uses various data and helps you to find the best ad impression.

How do demand-side platforms work?

Based on the parameters set by advertising agencies the demand side platforms identify available ad inventory. It also takes into account the previous behavior patterns of browsing of the customers and the ads that the customers may have seen.

What is the supply-side platform?

This platform handles the supply ad inventory including rich media ads. It is mainly used by digital publishers to sell their inventory at the pre-set price through online auctions. This enables digital advertising publishers to sell their unsold inventory by connecting to various demand-side platforms. Selling on SSPs is a much better option than selling manually because the competitive pricing enables the seller to get the best return and maximize their revenue.

How do supply-side platforms work?

They work with the demand side platforms to evaluate the advertisers, set the prices of ads, and identify which inventory will be best for a particular campaign. They filter the ads as per the advertisers' requirements and the parameters set by the advertiser.

The critical difference between SSPs and DSPs

Used by-

The demand side platforms are used by the advertisers who want to buy the ad inventory whereas the supply side platforms are used by the publishers who want to sell their ad inventory.


The main purpose of demand-side platforms is to provide access to ad inventory to the advertisers, whereas supply-side platforms aim to offer the ad inventory to different buyers.

The buying and selling process-

On the demand side, the ads are placed at the most efficient costs whereas in supply-side platforms the publishers can sell their inventory at the highest possible price with the help of competitive pricing.


It has become very important for marketing agencies to understand the dynamic and ever-changing problematic landscape and the difference between SSPs and DSPs.

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