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3 Basic Digital Strategy Frameworks to Guide Your Planning

In recent decades with the growing number of people surfing online, the need for digital marketing has increased. Digital marketing involves planning, keyword optimization, and various other strategies to ensure success. Hence it is very important to develop some strategy for digital marketing. In this blog, we will discuss three basic digital marketing strategies to guide your planning.

Before going further one must know what is a digital marketing framework.

A digital marketing or strategy framework is a set of things to be done in the marketing process. It makes sure that nothing misses out in order to perform the complex process of digital marketing effectively and efficiently.

Digital strategy frameworks are of several types. Some integrate all the tasks whereas some focus only on specific tasks. While selecting your digital marketing framework you must keep in mind your business priorities and goals. Some of the basic digital strategy frameworks are-

1. RACE Planning

This is created by smarts insights where RACE stands for Reach, act, convert, engage.

Reach involves creating awareness and visibility of your products and brand. One must try to increase the traffic on your website and increase your customer base.

Act means to encourage people to take some action on your website or social media pages. That means to make a purchase or buy the services which you are offering.

Convert means converting your visitors into potential buyers and loyal customers.

Engage means building a trustful relationship with your customers for retention.

Race planning helps you to identify all the activities that are necessary for online marketing and it identifies each step that is necessary for your business to grow digitally.

2. Marketing funnel

This is one of the most preferred digital marketing strategies as it tells about the journey that customers go through while engaging with your brand. Beginning with finding out the products and then buying the products from your website. This strategy has four levels-

Awareness - It is when a customer gets to know about your brand through social media posts or a sponsored ad.

Interest-  After knowing about your brand, the customer develops interest and tries to know more about your brand and products and read reviews.

Consideration - A customer takes your products as the solution to your problems.

Action - The customer finally takes action and makes a purchase of your products.

These steps can be easily tracked on eCommerce sites and platforms. A digital marketing company can further help you to decide which framework will be best for your business.

3. Flywheel model -

It is created by Hubspot and keeps the customer at the center of everything. Customer being at the center of the digital marketing framework is surrounded by sales, marketing, and teams to enhance the customer's purchase experience and to ensure customer retention and customer satisfaction. This model has three phases -

Attract- Attracting people towards our brand 

Engaging - with the customers and building customer relationships.

Delight- Supporting customers and enhancing their purchase experiences.

The right kind of digital marketing framework will help you succeed and help your business to grow. However, one must understand the audience, and the needs of its customers and define the framework clearly to avoid any kind of ambiguity.

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