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Innovative Mobile App Trends with the Booming Speed of Technology

Have you ever thought of your life without mobile in your hand! It’s pretty unimaginable situation. As in today’s world mobile is ‘our communication hub, our daily entertainment portal, our primary source of media consumption, our wallet and our gateway to the real time information’ that is tailored according to our needs. It is an evolution of the newest technology that is increasing step by step. The competitiveness by making the best app to keep the consumer’s active has promoted more growth of the mobile app development now and then, and will continue in the near future.

Numerous technology is broadly linked to the mobile through the dynamic applications have become pivotal, following latest updates. Let’s familiarise you with the concise collection of mobile trends-

Beacon with the integrated GPS Technology : 

The most attractive part of Beacon with integrated Technology is to blur the variance between online and offline mode. It also helps in tracking the correct location. You must have noticed the updated news of YouTube offering offline mode of usage. iBeacon technology provides the location information mainly to show the correct retail enterprise. With the growing trend- iOS have already set up a new technology called iBeacon and the most used Android is also following the trail of entering into this territory.

Cloud Based Mobile App :

To matc with the growing trend is to shape the apps rapidly but what about the space- loads of space is required to function effectively. Hence, to answer to every app installed full of heavy functional graphics- the Cloud Mobile app has taken its booming space. It is faster and secured without any prior restriction. The main focus is to integrate and sync mobile apps in the numerous devices in a hassle free manner. This innovative Cloud app is enabled in the technologies like IoT, AI and other wearable numerous functionalities.

On the other hand the Apple Watch Apps have become more exciting with the current features solely independent from the iPhone. It is gaining extreme value, making the lives of the gadget freaks easier.

Visual Reality Apps :

With the ever-growing market the diverseVisual apps like- Virtual reality & Artificial Intelligence has penetrated into the lives of the people with more games and entertainments. This can be applied to the travel and market live streaming for making VR and AR more of a sales tool.

Along with the trend THE NEW ENTRANTS have taken up a new shape.

  • IoT
  • Wearables
  • Drones

Research and predictions on the recent Mobile app has come up with an average rating that- an individual uses mobile device minimum 3.5 hour a day- hence, 66% of the mobile advertising will grow remarkably in all the digital marketing investments by 2018.

Mobile device is used by 22% of the e-store retailers and sales in the US., which is predicted to reach upto 27% by 2018. The prediction seems that more than 600 million will be attracted towards mobile apps and devices by 2018. Henceforth, your position in this evolving new era of technological growth is vital to observe.

Think and Act :

Attracting the large number of masses in not the ONLY ultimate step towards the growth in this booming latest trend. You need to step up towards sending messages that you believe in. Finding the right people and the right track, understanding the requirements and the comfort level is the most looked upon features. We all stand to survive and fight with the evolving trend of technology offering the finest useable service. Many more ideas will pop-up so let look upon the expediency to sustain the universal technological growth.

With the notion of upgrading technology Hvantage Techologies Inc brings in a world class software solutions with additional support facilities tailored to fulfill the requirements of the masses. It offers the quality and the conscious security certified by the ISO. The key strength is to include the custom web and mobile Application development and management and other business solution. Hence, with the deep domain skills and competencies, perfect strategies the technological growth on the mobile app development has taken a gigant leap.






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