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Cloud computing-An aid for remote working

For industries except for the IT sector, the idea of remote working is new but not unknown. On a flip, IT industries had been observing this idea for a few years, not at the large scale though, but on the other side, other industries had never observed the concept of remote working professionally until the pandemic or should we say lockdown. While testing the level of water amidst the pandemic, many organizations conclude that employees seem more productive at working remotely.

Remote working has now become the "new normal", but to turn this new normal into the new valuable investment, a business first has to take steps to enhance the efficiency of remote workers which implies keeping them connected, getting them the resources they need, and protecting their work from any cyber threat.

A business cannot just go on and switch to remote working and hope for the best because remote working has its own downside and challenges such as:

  • Managing projects when a team is spread out across multiple locations.
  • Collaboration
  • Cyber security threat
  • Tracking performance

To have the agility in business begins with putting on employees to get more autonomy to make decisions. To do this, the business is now looking forward to leaning on cloud computing and services to assist remote workers to execute their applications.

Why Cloud?
Why not cloud? The cloud technology offers accessibility and data from any location across the globe and from any device with an internet connection. It provides on-demand computing services without direct active management of user/users.

The benefits of the cloud cannot be diminished; from flexibility to data recovery to little to no maintenance it assists the organization with ease and high level of security.

How cloud computing is driving remote working with its assistance?
Cloud computing assistance is beneficial for remote working culture in many ways which are explained as follow:

  • Consolidate accessibility - When it comes to providing consolidated accessibility, nothing can beat cloud computing. It provides the authority to remote workers to access their data from any location at any point in time easily. And if this is not enough it even allows keeping the track of business information in real-time while simultaneously communicating with the clients. Furthermore, the cloud makes it simple for the user to control access to specific cloud resources. It depends on the organization to whom they want to give access and the settings can be configured, confirming that the remote workers have the access to the location they need.

  • Save storage space - Cloud saves up the storage space to store a large amount of data. Not every business can set up an entire physical server, that's where the cloud comes from the shadow. When you avail the cloud services from the provider, the data and applications are stored on the provider’s remote cloud infrastructure. Meaning you don't have to spend a huge amount of pennies to deploy on-premise servers, heavy cables, air conditioning, and power supplies required to manage entire server rooms.

  • Assure Compatibility - Cloud computing is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. By hosting business applications and data on the cloud, a company permits employees to use any device (desktops, smartphones, laptops, etc.) and operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.)as per their convenience. It provides flexibility to employees by deterring them from being bound with any particular hardware device and operating system. Additionally, different cloud services are compatible and can be interchanged at will, if the interfaces supported are similar.

  • Strengthened cybersecurity - Cloud computing is a reliable technology. It comprises a set of policies and technologies that function jointly to protect cloud-based systems and data from any unauthorised access and cyberthreat. It empowers the organization to configure the security as per the business needs by taking measures such as limiting accessibility, encrypting data, incorporating the latest firewall etc. Along with this, the service providers also keep track of any suspicious movements and block them while eradicating the threat of physical data breaches.

  •  Resilient scalability - The technology can enlarge and lessen IT resources as needed to meet the requirements. It can install more memory,  I/O devices or servers. It fosters users to split up the workload on multiple servers instead of one without any much push-ups. A user doesn't have to worry about the future capacity requirements because one can simply add and/or remove resources anytime. Scalability is significant to meet with a sudden shift in the market as a  business can store all their data to the cloud and can have more space to store data. You can also replace the server with a more potent one or can change the model sizes.

Final thought
Remote working has been bringing the transition in the organizational structure. The satisfaction rate among the employees is higher than before and not to forget about the enhancement of employees' productivity. The technology has much more to offer to bring remote workers together and maintain the integrity of the organization. All you need is to accept the assistance of tech with open arms.

Hvantage Technologies believes in providing support to every individual who has the potential to transform the business world. If you are one of them who has the capability to follow-up their ideas, then don’t let it set back, keep your pace with ongoing technology trends and create your own path to success.

We contain developing knowledge and representative competences in every acceptance zone of cloud computing. This comprises infrastructure valuation, virtualization, private cloud, applications immigration and growth on cloud, and public cloud integration.

Experience an enhanced corporate environment with us!

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