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How Technology is Boosting the Gaming Industry?

Technology with its steady evolution has redefined the definition of business. Today, we are no longer stuck in the traditional business areas, with the assistance of tech we have been digging new and advanced industry, e-commerce, telemedicine, web courses etc, are an example of such innovative e-business and one more industry is on its pace to make a prominent place in the list of e-business, known as "gaming industry". Gaming Driver Download

Technology has unwrapped the new scenario in front of us and the recent events are the clear cut illustration, which defines our dependency on modern technology. It boosted many industries and has been nurturing the growth of many industries, yet perhaps none industry more than gaming has benefited from the pandemic and technology. The gaming industry is not new since the time smartphones have introduced itself, the mobile gaming industry has been booming and with the persistent technical advances the gaming industry has become more realistic than before.

Given the smart technical refinements, it shouldn't be surprising to know that in the year 2019 the global video game market size was valued at USD 151.06 billion and from the year 2020 to 2027, it is forecasted to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.9%. And not to forget the fact that the global pandemic has accelerated the growth of the gaming industry.

The empire of the gaming industry is carved on the foundation of technology; multiple technologies with its incredible features have been boosting the gaming industry.

  • Emerging 3D Graphics - Earlier online and video games were based on 2 dimensional and text-based graphics. Later on with the innovation of 3D graphics and visuals, the gaming industry has managed to capture the interest of gamers. The 3D graphics provide a realistic user interface and aid in creating instruments to build realistic textures, computing physical characteristics, and enabling real-time in-game interactions between objects. With these graphical tools, the gaming industry has been delivering a stunning adventure to the players.

  • AR and VR assistance -Both AR and VR bestows captive experience to the users. It does not let users feel the variation between reality and virtuality. Besides, it enables players to have real-time interactions Augmented Reality and virtual reality have managed to place its position in almost every sector, its skill to put in digital information and real-time together has been turning up to be the game-changer for the gaming industry. And if this is not enough, game developers are now able versatile, engaged and customized content of a higher level.

  • Surging hyperreality -  The advanced technological upgrades are adding more and more substantial exposure to the users. Hyperreality is a seamless blend between the fiction and non-fiction in a way that there is no clear distinction between where one ends and the other begins. In online and video games, hyperreality adds a whiff of life-like gaming experience. It allows players to get out from their mobile screen into the physical space to play the virtual games and even permits them to touch the virtual objects in the form of physical objects.

  • Cloud-based technology- The cloud has been making online gaming more accessible than ever. A gamer without any investment in his/her PC or gaming consoles can play the game through this technology. Furthermore, it eradicates the constant worry over freeing up storage space on PCs and gaming consoles and the user is not restricted to play the game from a particular device he/she can use any device. With these remarkable features and convenience of playing on cloud anywhere, anytime; it has been widely accepted by the game developers.

  • Facial and voice recognition - 3D scanning and facial recognition helps players to make a fictional character just like them while also enabling them to competently transmit their own expressions to other digital creations. Whereas, voice recognition aids to give a command without actually typing or down and game developers have been now coding in the gaming program in such a manner that it can easily recognize voice commands from the user.

  • Gesture control - As the name suggests, this technical advance allows you to interact with your device just by making a few gestures like waves while holding a device in hand. This advancement has been gradually replacing the buttons and touchscreen from the online and videos games. The comfort of controlling your actions directly without pressing buttons, again and again, has enticed the gamers at a huge level.

  •  Blockchain authentication - With the advancement of technology, the risk of cybercrime has also intensified. There are some games in which users need to pay a certain amount of money for accessibility. In such cases, blockchain technology utilising cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets permits users to make safe transactions, and ascertain that no details of the player are revealed. This digital security eradicates money laundering thoroughly and provides a risk-free environment for gamers. Steelseries Aerox 9 Driver

The pace with which technology has been transforming the gaming industry, it shouldn't be astonishing to know that now in some cases, even the players will be able to contribute towards the development of games. Gaming is no longer a fun activity, with the ongoing advances in the technology, it has now become the innovative industry full of opportunities.

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