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Augmented Reality-The Advanced Reality of Business

Technology evolution now comes to be a portion to aid our lifestyle in a better way and these advancements have been incredibly defining the industry. From cloud computing to artificial intelligence to machine learning to Chabot, indeed, the technology managed to hold the thread of business development with its new innovative measures and not to forget how the blend of the virtual world and real-world, "Augmented Reality" has enlarged the extent of business operations while providing remarkable adventures to its associates.

You might be wondering what actually “Augmented Reality” is meant and how it has proved to be beneficial for business. Right!

So let's set out on a voyage to redefine the definition of reality with augmented reality.

But before that, do you remember that famous game "Pokemon Go", well that game had brought augmented reality to a mass audience wherein you have to look for a fictional character in the real-location on your mobile screen. That's what AR meant, a medley of the virtual and real world.

What does “Augmented Reality" mean?
Augmented reality utilizes real-time information in the form of text, graphics, audio, and other virtual elements and integrates it with real-world objects. It enriches our surroundings with its digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world; in real-time, meaning it replaces the user's real-world environment with a simulated one.

Augmented Reality is a technique that fulfils three basic features:

  •  A combination of real and virtual worlds

  • Real-time interaction

  • Accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects.

In what ways is Augmented Reality beneficial for business?
The scope of AR is not confined at all and the credit goes to continued efforts of software engineers who are refining it again and again. Still, there are five major ways in which AR can be really beneficial for the business if used effectively.

  • In pulling out design from virtual to real-world- If you are involved in the product, interior, automobile designing or in any other designing, then AR can bring life to it. AR permits you to drop the idea from the screen directly into the real world quickly and low investment. You can see the fictions and graphics in the context of ongoing activities in the surroundings in real-time. The incredible feature of AR allows us to explore the wide range of designs accurately by helping in visualizing it through virtual means. Many more benefits can be avail by using AR such as related to an accurate internal study of holographic models and so on.

  • For training and enhancing the efficiency of the workforce - Instead of training the workforce through studying diagrams, reading about hypothetical scenarios, and memorizing data, trains them through the 3D visualization and steady update information by incorporating AR in the training model. It permits access to object-oriented data on their screen while keeping employees engaged that leads to better retention. AR is an interactive mode of training unlike the traditional learning model where a course ends once the employees leave session; AR can provide new and real-time information every day.

  • Nurtures retail businesses - You must be familiar with the famous optical retail store "Lenskart", it allows customers to try the product without actually trying it! Confused? Well, that's AR for you. The innovative AR solutions allow customers to visualise products in real-time, from the comfort of their own homes, on themselves (if it's an accessory) or by envisioning it (home decor or relatable stuff) in the preferred area. This advancement of technology bestows retailers with adequate product exposure, an increase in both online and in-store sales and the benefit of reduced returns.

  •  Facilities quick repairing and maintenance - AR facilitates technician to directly on the factory floor for repairing and maintenance by delivering key information about the machine to bestow technician with insight along with step by step instructions on how to repair the machine. AR solutions provide real-time superimposed digital information to the user that permits enhanced field view. Implement AR and eliminate the risk of human error and breakdowns while reducing execution time.

  • Boosts industrial field services - AR permits the business owners to refine their customer care services by aiding in refining the industrial field services. The advanced AR solutions supplant operator manuals and handheld devices with satisfactory user interface and hands-free operation potentials. Many of the large scale leading organizations have already embraced AR-based field service solutions integrated with headsets, tablets, and smartphones and witnessed enhanced productivity and reduced costs. Do not trail behind redefine the innovation in the field services with augment.

Advanced technology is not a luxury but a necessity, today AR built-up smartphones and other devices become more accessible around the world. AR empowered us to see the elements of real-world with the digital augment laid on it. Therefore, put your foot on the accelerator and zoom your business in the fiercely competitive era with augmented reality.

Hvantage Technologies believes in providing support to every individual who has the potential to transform the business world. If you are one of them who has the capability to follow-up their ideas related to business then implement AR or any other advanced technology in your business model with Hvantage!!

Define your business voyage with Augmented Reality.

Experience an enhanced corporate environment with us!

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