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Top 10 Key Features Every Mobile Application Must Have

Best technology and trends help to develop a productive mobile application that can work faster and can run on different devices. There are about 2.71 billion users who use smartphones and it will increase to 2.87 billion in 2020 no doubt the mobile application industry is booming.

In the period of globalization, technology is evolving rapidly and so are the mobiles now they have become much faster and high-powered than before. Modern technology has a powerful influence on all electronic gadgets. Keeping pace with technology is necessary for the development and to remain in touch with the world.

Mobile application development makes it easy to access users on any device. A user expects the best service, fast functioning, and easily accessible application. A user spends almost 90% of mobile time on mobile applications. A well engaging app makes users use it again and again and makes it stand out.

So are you ready to know the best features in mobile applications?

Key features that must be in all mobile applications - 

  • User-friendly – Mobile applications must be user-friendly. It should be simple to use and easy to navigate different options in the applications. Mobile application development should be done in a way that it can be used on any operating system that is Android, IOS, and Windows. Regular notifications enable direct communication with your customers. 

  • Social media integration – About 3.8 billion people are on social media. Social media is not only about chatting and sharing images and videos. People use it to communicate and collaborate with the outer world online. Include options of social media sharing directly from a mobile application.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Artificial intelligence is the most advanced technology. AI allows the mobile application to analyze the data searched by the user to predict the behavior of the user and make a decision for them. It improves the performance of mobile applications. Face detection, Image and Speech recognition, Text, and image classification are examples of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Chatbot – Chatbot is artificial intelligence software that is used to have a conversation with users in the natural language through chat just like they do with another person. Chatbots interpret the characters and words received from a user to provide the set of answers. Mobile app developers use this technology to include a live chat option in the application to solve users’ queries quickly. 

  • Augmented reality (AR) – Augmented reality came into trend in the year 2017, due to its interactive experience in real. AR technology adds digital content on live cameras to make it look like a part of the physical world around the user. AR provides experience to users what they look like when they use some things. Lenskart, Instagram, and Snapchat Filters are the best examples of AR.

  • Cloud computing –A mobile application based on cloud computing can run on web browsers and multiple platforms without any problems. Mobile applications can directly collect data from the cloud and take minimum space in the internal storage of a mobile. It also eradicates the chances of data loss or application crash.

  • Application security  The advancement in technology has also increased the probability of cybercrime. Today most of the applications are developed in a way that can be used on various platforms. Mobile applications are available on different networks and expose them to vulnerabilities. Hence, mobile application developers must pay special attention to the security and privacy of users’ data.

  •  Customization – By customizing means to design it in such a way that enables users to add and delete options as per their wish and make it look as they want. It improves efficiency and provides uniqueness to the users.

  •  Substantial experience – You need to offer uniqueness and value through your mobile applications otherwise it will end up the same as web browsing on mobile. Users download applications only when they feel they will get some value in return. While developing an application remembers the needs and expectations of users.

  • Feedback and update – Feedback will help you to know the query and experience of the user. It will give you insight that what the user is exactly expecting from your application and will guide you for further changes. Updating of a mobile application according to the new technology is also important to make it work on all the different mobile devices.

While developing mobile applications many things need to be focused. Mobile applications should provide relevant and effective services to its users.

Hvantage Technologies has showcased its technical expertise in developing useful and effective mobile apps for clients all around the globe. We develop our applications by analyzing the current trends and technologies and as per the requirements of our clients.

We believe in serving value!

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