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The Blend of Omnichannel and Influencer Marketing

The online markets came into the picture two decades ago, but with the rise in technology and e-commerce development, keeping a track of consumer and their needs can be a hectic task. It is time to adopt a different outlook for e-commerce development. 

What does omnichannel marketing provide

In the world where users are not dependent on billboards or television advertising or pamphlets, and they can view the desired products from anywhere at any time and for anything. Therefore, it becomes essential to apply an omnichannel marketing strategy and connect with the consumers- not counting the number of places you are connected to. 

Omnichannel marketing refers to multi-channel marketing which helps in connecting with the user at different social media platforms apart from the mobile application or a brick and mortar store.  It provides a consistent experience to the users i.e. the users may use any platform to connect with the company, it will provide the same experience. 

Social media platforms namely Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, helps the e-commerce websites to easily interact with the users. It also helps our e-commerce websites to reach the end consumer who will willingly show interest in the products or services. This would significantly reduce the bounce rate. 

Influencer Marketing

Have you ever seen an influencer unwrap a beautiful gift box? It looks so fascinating, doesn't it? That is exactly what the term influencer stands for, to influence the user. 

According to a recent survey, the marketing campaign with an influencer is more successful compared to any other marketing strategy. The basic reason is that people do not trust the brands the way they trust the influencers on social media. 

Influencers prove rather convenient for the brand. They advertise products, tell a story relating to the same and then connect to the users, helping in increased sales of the products. 

Fusing omnichannel and influencer marketing. How doe it work?

Influencers turn out to be great investments for any e-commerce brand as they help in connecting the brand with the potential user. They help us to connect with customers or millennial customers. The millennial mindset does not wholly trust the brand and its service policy anymore, therefore, the influencer helps in delivering the products and services to such people. 


At a place where influencers can provide ways to deal with lead generation, omnichannel can help as a maturing concept until the sales kick in. Social media advertising and magazine ads can help your business to grow in the coming years.  

We at Hvantage, provide you with the best solution to increase your brand value by scaling every operation of the business and earning recognition from every platform.

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