5G Characteristics will Transform the IoT

The technology is moving faster with a speed of 2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5G. The internet and its connectivity have been bringing a revolution to the world. In this series of connectivity, IoT (Internet of Things) has been transforming the lives of the people. A study shows that IoT will connect $520bn devices and users by 2021. For such wide connectivity, IoT needs a faster speed.

Here, we have discovered versatile characteristics of 5G on which the market has been relying to pace with technology.

5G characteristics that will transform the new IoT:

4G and LTE standards provide much of what’s needed for IoT devices to get the job done but 5G will transform the IoT landscape. Predicted to reach $520bn by 2021, the internet of things (IoT) is highly reliant on fast, effortless connectivity. What can 5G bring to the table?

Key benefits of 5G in IoT-

  • Lower Delay: With 5G speed, the connectivity latency has been reduced to sub-milliseconds. This speeds up the connectivity and responsiveness of the IoT connected devices. IoT has been impacting the culture of self-driven cars where a milli-second delay could make a difference. A nanosecond difference could cause an accident or save a life.  Latency is crucial in IoT connected devices to give prompt actions.

  • Increased capacity: The IoT technology allows the devices to work on the shorter bandwidth. The data transmitted by the devices connected through IoT is generally small. But when this chain of connecting devices through IoT gets long, the data transmitted altogether can accumulate in larger volume which would cause latency in the transmission and working. Here 5G speed will leverage the devices with boosted speed to give the users prompt and accurate response with an increased capacity of connecting devices.

  • Reliability: In this era of faster speed, reliability is important. For this, 5G has Ultra-reliable-Low-Latency characteristic. This makes the transmission reliable over the IoT networks with lower delay and latency.

  • Communication: The ultimate essence of connecting the things and devices is to communicate. 5G ensures better and faster communication among the devices and networks. 5G services provide faster connectivity and faster communication.

Following  Sectors will be impacted by 5G

Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Medical industries would be highly get impacted by 5G characteristics. These industries require modern technologies which would serve users with faster and reliable connectivity. In automobile and healthcare services, real-time applications play an important role. To capture and collect real-time features, faster and reliable connectivity is of utmost importance.


5G gives enhanced connectivity with low error rates in data transmission and support all critical and advanced applications. When the IoT applications will shake hands with the 5G features, the world will enter into a strong technical era. The IoT applications working on the real-time features will get stronger connectivity and faster responsiveness.

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