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5 Useful Website Frameworks for the year 2019 to ease Web Development Process

The web application has been geared up between the static and dynamic. From the static website with few HTML pages to dynamic Single-page Application (SPA) websites, the web applications have been changing. The web developers are now leveraged with advanced frameworks, tools, and libraries which are making the web development process faster and easier. The front-end developers by adopting these tools and frameworks can reduce their pain and efforts of building the website from the scratch.

We have made a list of the various latest tool for the front-end developers with which they will be painless while developing the web applications in the year 2019.  

1. Angular JS

Angular JS is an open-source Javascript framework with the capability of reading the HTML pages with various attributes embedded to it. It works best for the dynamic web applications. The angular JS eases the functioning by interpreting the page attributes as the directives for binding the inputs or outputs for the page. The Angular JS enables the web developers to extend the HTML syntax for developing the dynamic single page application with versatility and unique features.

2. ReactJS

The web developers are using the ReactJS for building the effective user interfaces for the web applications. Being a component-based library, React JS enables the reusable components, and combine the components to build a complex user interface applications with ease. It has been the first choice of the UI developers because of its declarative programming feature, virtual DOM which creates the copy of actual DOM object with the same properties. This allows the frontend developers to build an effective user interface for the web applications.


A more versatile open-source framework of Javascript to build the user interfaces and SPAs. It has fast virtual DOM to create SPAs. It comes with the reusable components that allow the HTML code extension for the encapsulation of the reusable codes. The web developers can use HTML, JS, and CSS while working with VueJS.

4. EmberJS

An attractive framework for creating the scalable SPa and web applications. It is an open-source Javascript framework. It is Model-view-View Model pattern (MVVM) pattern framework. The developers can add the programming idioms to the code in different programming languages so that the developers could retrieve the code fragments in the further applications. EmberJS has supportive plugins, Command-Line Interface (CLI), templating engine to give a feasible and seamless web development experience to the web developers.

5. Node Package Manager

It is a package manager in the runtime Node.JS environment. A javascript package manager for the web applications that allow the web developers to make a pack of the reusable codes for the different applications. It is a front-end development tool. The package of the codes can be directly applied for the mobile applications and web applications. The NPM package manages the local dependencies as well as the globally-installed Javascript tools within the project or any application.  


The web development is now leveraged with many tools and frameworks that are helping web developers and front-end developers to create seamless web applications. The above-mentioned frameworks also help the web developers to create the scalable single page application which offers the faster user experience.Epson Drivers

For every business, the website is an important asset to attract the users and convert them into potential customers. So taking the web development slightly could be harmful to your online business. For attractive and useful website development, you should pick the right website development partner like Hvantage.

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