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Useful Frameworks for Frontend Development in 2019

Talking about technical advancement, the frontend development is now lavished with multiple tools, libraries, and frameworks to cut their code writing efforts and making the development cycle comparatively easier for the frontend developers.

The available tools, frameworks, and libraries have been proving as the time-saver and cost-effective with higher scalability.

We are here making a list of a few useful tools and frameworks for mobile app development that have been making the development cycle speedy. These frameworks will be proved as cost and time saving, time and will ensure scalability too. So, all the front-end developers hold on till the last section of the blog to give the year 2019 a technical boost to the mobile app development cycle.

Here the list goes-


Nativescript is a cross-platform framework for iOS and Android apps. It allows the mobile app developers to use core languages like Angular, Typescript, Vues, and Javascript for writing the codes. It is an open-source framework which allows the code reusability in Android and iOS app development.

2. React Native

Next comes the React Native. It is a library for developing the cross-platform mobile apps. It gives the faster scalability and allows the developers to reuse the components to trigger up the app development speed. The developers can use the core programming language like Javascript and React to develop cross-platform as well as native mobile apps by using React Native library.

3. Xamarin

Xamarin is a Microsoft product having a pack of tools for iOS, Android as well as windows applications. You could work on it with the C#, a core language. It offers seamless development for native apps. It also supports.Net code base for mobile app development. This offers the native performance which lacks in other tools those interpret the codes at the runtime only.

4. Flutter

Flutter is another open-source framework for mobile applications. It is created by Google but beneficial for all mobile app developers. Dart is used as the core programming language. Flutter offers faster mobile app development. Native UI, improved performance are the benefits of using Flutter framework.

HTML5 Frameworks-

1. Onsen UI

A JS framework is best for hybrid mobile app development. It uses CSS, HTML, and Javascript. This JS framework is compatible and supportive to Angular JS and Angular 2+, jquery, Vue. This allows the developers to switch between the frameworks and libraries while building the interactive UIs for mobile apps.

2. Ionic

An HTML5 framework which uses Javascript, CSS, and HTML for the development of the hybrid app. Ionic allows access to the OS, Flashlight, GPS, Camera, etc. through Cordova and plugins. With an Iconic framework, the mobile app developers can customize the mobile apps for modern browsers and iOS, Android, Windows browsers.

3. Framework7

Framework7 is an effective framework for developing hybrid mobile apps. It synchronizes with the CSS, HTML, and JS technologies to give an effective UI and performance. Framework7 has built-in widgets and UI elements. It has built-in widgets like a pop-up, side panels, list views, form elements which help the developers to boost up the speed of the mobile app development.


There are many available platforms for mobile app developers. The technology has been opening the opportunities for developing mobile apps that are native as well as hybrid. The frameworks, tools, and libraries with the inbuilt features and code reusability are making the mobile app development cycle faster.

It is the time to pick the right technology partner who understands the depth of the technology and its implementations for your business. Hvantage Technologies is full of skilled mobile app developers with the ability to grasp the newer technologies and frameworks to build the best and modern mobile apps compatible with every platform.

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