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Must Have Features of a Real Estate Mobile App

People access smartphones frequently for every requirement. Be it an online shopping or booking tickets; ordering online foods or any on-demand service, the smartphones are solving their every problem. Mobile technology has entered into every sector and real-estate is not left untouched by the impact of it. The property search has been escalated by 120% through the real estate mobile apps. 

Traditionally, the property sellers usually approach their prospective clients through advertisements, advertisements, hoardings, flyers, cold calling, and the buyers used to visit the property (houses, flats, plots etc.) physically. But now that time has gone. People no more go to one broker to another broker, neither visit flats and houses until and unless they find everything suitable to them nor do the property sellers rely on the conventional ways of property selling. The real estate mobile apps are being used by both parties.  


The real estate app must offer every facility that a person seeks when he goes to visit the property physically. As the people would rely on the mobile app and would make their mind to invest on the property even on looking at the mobile apps, therefore the app must be realistic in offering the real insights to the buyers.

So, here is the list of the features a real estate mobile app must have-


  • Register & Log in: A register page or login page for both the sellers and buyers. You can allow the users to log in through their mobile numbers, email id or even through the credentials of other social networking sites.  
  • Admin Verification: To maintain the integrity and cruciality of the mobile app, it should have a verification step. The verification can be done by the admin to avoid any misuse of the mobile app. Only the authentic and verified users could use the app for real estate investments. 
  • Broker’s Detail: The app must have the section where the users could find the details of the corresponding brokers and sellers. To every property displayed on the app, there should be seller’s details. So that the buyers could send their queries or direct contact the brokers for their inquiries. 
  • Customer’s Search page: Once the users log in to your app, then, they should be allowed to search for the properties on the desired locations. \
  • Sorting and Filtering: The app must allow the users to sort and filter the properties on the basis of location, budget (high-low and low-high), features, flats, plots or other types of properties. 



  • Next comes the detail page section. The real estate page must have this page so that the potential property buyers and sellers can know each other. There can be an application form where the buyers could fill their information, their choices of location, budget and leave their contact details including name, mobile number, and email id. So that the sellers can easily contact them for further reference. 
  • Similarly, the app should contain the information of the sellers and property brokers, so that the buyers can directly contact them.



  • The real estate mobile app should allow the users (both the buyers and brokers) to edit their profile. Sometimes, the users may want to change their details (name, mobile no., email id or any other info), therefore, the app should allow the changes and at the same time, it must be synchronized with the changes done. Same holds true for the broker’s details.
  • Also, the app must be well functioning with the listing of the properties. The app users can add or remove the properties they want to sell, buy or to let. 



  • Report section: This section would allow the admin to manage the requests of the property addition (for selling or rent), deletion( if sold or not want to sell) or other issues over the properties (if any exists)
  • Property Management: The admin panel would operate the app features seamlessly and would manage the databases with the existing information and details flowing on the app. The admin could add or delete the property or any contact details if found vulnerable or unauthentic. 
  • Currency Changer: All the app users could belong to different locations. The mobile app could not be limited to specific location users, it could reach the international limit and even could cross it. Therefore, the app should contain the currency converter so that the user could know about the price of the properties in their currency format. 
  • Document verification: when the users get ready to buy any property listed in the app, the admin must verify all the documents needed at the time of property buying and selling. There should be the valid entry of all the documents within the databases without any error. Every process must be authentic and details fed must be transparent for future references.



The most important page of the app. The admin is responsible for maintaining the authenticity of the app. It should answer all questions, queries, and resolve the issues of the users. The customer support should make the users feel reliable and trustworthy. 



  • Geolocation: The basic feature a real estate mobile app must have is the geolocation feature. The app must show the right location of the property and the areas around it. The app must be synchronized with the Google map and show the right and authentic routes to the users. 
  • Clearer 3D View of the Property: The mobile app must support a 3D view. The app showing the entire property from all angles and aspects will be helpful in driving the buyer’s trust and engagement towards the property. 
  • Social Networking support: The app should allow users to share their posts on different social networks. It will help in driving more customers towards the properties and will help you in making money from the app as well as property.
  • Testimonials: Let the users know what the users think of your app. The positive feedback, on one hand, will drive more users while the negative comment will help you in improving the app features and functions. 


Why Should you opt for the Real estate Mobile app?

We have found the following reasons why should we convince you to make a real estate mobile app. We, therefore, have listed the benefits of a real estate mobile app for your business.

  • Drives user engagement and positive conversions.
  • Eases communication among Developer, broker and property buyers
  • 24/7 connection with customers
  • Gives a complete knowledge of Property Location
  • Captivating Property views
  • Clearer Property Insights



Real estate mobile apps have eased their search with the few clicks and swipes. Their dream home is in their hand now. The mobile apps have added comfort to their searching rather wandering from place to place. If you are in for the real estate business then stepping with the real estate mobile app will be a good idea to keep your business growing. The thing you should be concerned about while developing the real estate mobile app is that the real estate business is one of the high-profile business where huge investments are done, therefore, you cannot afford any misleading or frauds. 

You must pick the right technology partner for you. We at Hvantage Technologies have all the skills and guts for developing a real estate mobile app which would serve all your business purposes.

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