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5 Myths and Facts of App Store Optimization Services

In the era of 4G and 5G internet speed, the users don't settle on the simple devices other than Android, iPhones, and tablets. Everything can be done through the smartphones within the latest apps installed within it.

This urges the business owners to keep their app updated with the latest features and above all to make it discoverable on the App stores (Google as well as Apple store). There are hundreds of apps in the play store and launching your app without any optimization can take your app beyond the user’s sight.

Why App Store Optimization is beneficial?

App Store Optimization (ASO) services come up with the solution to the online business owners who deal with the customers through online mobile apps. To deal in the market competition, app optimization becomes essential.

  • Around 80% of users search for the latest apps on the play store and here ASO blows its magic and optimizes your mobile app and take it on the top pages of the app stores.

  • ASO services help in competing with the other active apps trending in the Google play store or App store of Apple.

  • ASO increases the app visibility on the app stores so that the users can easily see your app ranking on the top.

  • ASO services include the app promotion and campaigns on the social platforms that drive users from every platform.

  • More visibility means more chances for app download.

Myths and Facts of ASO services-

In the app industry, ASO services have risen with various myths and most of the online business owners find it painless to work without app store optimization services.

So we decided to know the reality of the myths prevailing with the ASO services and come up with the real facts and truth behind the myths.

Here they are:

#Myth 1:

ASO is effective with changing title frequently

#Fact: Sticking to one title is effective.

#Description: There is a misbelief on the title name. Some digital marketing experts believe that changing name frequently encourages the high-ranking on the search pages of the app stores.

Truth: Selecting a title name is one-time shot and varying it frequently may affect the optimization algorithm as every time the algorithm will find new characters and will start optimization from the scratch. Changing the title within a day, week or month might just affect the app ranking.

How can you make title effective and worth for top-ranking?

  • A short and crisp name within 25 characters

  • Unique title

  • Impressive & creative

  • Laced with keyword but not stuffed with

#Myth 2:

Keywords are indecisive

#Fact: Keywords are essential but stuffing must be avoided

#Description: It is prevailing that in ASO, only the top ranking matters and keywords are effective for SEO only. But it is not true. In the app store optimization, the app name with the relevant keywords become highly visible and discoverable.  The keywords help in getting the higher chances of top rankings in the App stores. Like SEO, ASO too has an algorithm which checks the trending keywords and then optimizes the rank of your app accordingly. But don't stuff too many keywords as it messes up everything in the algorithm.

#Myth 3:

Rating is lock stock and barrel

#Fact: Rating is essential though not paramount!

#Description: Rating is an important factor in every online market and even in the brick and mortar stores. Every user or buyer seeks a confidence and trust from other though indirectly. Here rating of the product comes into play. Talking about the app store, the rating of an app directly impacts the number of downloading clicks. Higher the ratings, more are the probability of getting the download clicks on the app. People more often get fascinated by the given rating on the app but this doesn’t mean that every people love every app having higher ratings. We have seen the users uninstalling the app within a second even when they find it no more engaging or useful even the app having higher ratings. The only thing that matters to the users is the app engagement and how an app serves their purpose. So don’t run behind the rating factors rather focus on making your app useful with the latest features for the users.

#Myth 4:

People find the app only in App store

#Fact: There are other ways also.

#Description: Yes, we know that for android apps, you go to the Google play store and for iPhones, iTunes. But listing your app on the app stores do not ensure a pile of downloading clicks on your app. There are thousands of apps available in the play store in each category and your app might not lie on the top pages which makes it away from user’s reach. Here ASO does a good job in combining the social platforms and organic search optimization tactics to make your app recognized among the app users. The number of downloads (no matter through which channel) improves the visibility and ranking of the app on the play store.

#Myth 5:

App description is not important

#Fact: Description is paramount

#Description: If your app will not have an effective title and relevant description, it might lack behind on the last pages of the app store search pages. The compelling description with proper keywords describing the context, features, and specifications of the app precisely not only influences the users to download the app but also it is important for the Rank optimization in Google play store algorithm. Google analyzes every bit of the title and description based on which optimizes the visibility and ranking of the app in the app store.


App Store Optimization (ASO) services are prevailing among the online market to optimize the app in the app store where there are already millions. Though ASO services have their effectiveness in optimization to improve the visibility and rankings of the apps yet there are strong misconceptions too. So, knowing the myth and fact you can understand what actually ASO does. On seeing the competition in the app industry, hiring ASO service professionals is a crucial need.

Hvantage Technologies is one of the leading app industry which not only builds the popular mobile apps but also provides the SEO and ASO services to its clients.

If you are struggling with the lower visibility and rankings, come to us to get a boost of downloading clicks on your app with our result oriented SEO and ASO services.

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