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Why Enterprises are Moving to Newer CMS?

This time, most of the website owners are thinking to opt for a new CMS Thinking about platform migration from the existing one needs an extra consideration so that it could not affect the working of your business in any way. Neither it should interrupt the flow of processes nor the experience of the customers.  

The enterprises are now adopting new CMS replacing the older one to make business more rapid and competent in the market. But any single mistake can ruin the overall effect and working of the website which in turn affect your business. There are many Content Management Systems available in the market including WordPress, Kentico CMS, Drupal, Joomla etc.

What a CMS application does?

  • It is a web application that controls the website functioning of creating, editing, and archiving.

  • Manages the content including articles, press releases, event calendar on the website which needs to be published, edit, add, archive.

  • CMS adds/edits the descriptions, products information, lists, prices, photos, and all content on the website.

  • CMS manages and views the analytical data, statistics, and reports of the site.

Overall, for a website and effective and efficient Content management system is needed to manage every bit of information on the website, a website is the first thing a viewer comes in contact with. Any false information or unorganized content can repel the viewers

Why enterprises are moving to newer CMS?

Switching to new CMS is quite troublesome for the enterprises as there needs to manage a lot of business data but adopting the latest CMS can solve many problems of the enterprises.

Let’s have a look:

  • Provides scalability to the web application.

  • Gives a unified appearance to the website with the standard format of content.

  • The latest CMS applications are capable of providing detailed analytics, accurate record management, and more security with an improved performance of the website.

  • A centralized and administrative control of the website for overall content distribution and sharing.

On to which CMS platform you can switch?

1. WordPress

WordPress is an effective and cogent CMS that many businesses are adopting as their web application. Around 74,652,825 websites work on the WordPress. The popularity of WordPress can be counted on the basis of its smart plugins, interactive widgets, extended installations, API integration, database-driven extensions for every business website. Above all, the WordPress development easily fits into one’s budget. It allows easy updates than HTML websites and therefore the enterprises are looking forward to this budgeted CMS application.

2. Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS is rich in features with higher scalability and easy to manage the web application for content distribution. The only thing that can stop you from adopting this latest web application is your budget. The Kentico CMS platform requires skilled experts. You need to spend a lot of money to find the best web developers with efficiency in understanding the complete content management system for your enterprise.

  • Kentico has easy content publishing mechanism with content staging.

  • It allows creating event handlers,  web parts, website extensions being an open API.

  • Kentico allows easy third-party integration with the help of built-in Integration Bus Module.

  • Allows automatic changes in the data with the continuous Integration Module and Source Control.


Many small business owners and startup managers go with the Joomla to manage their web content. Joomla has been offering security frameworks, new RSS feed for updates and multilingual feature to the web applications. Joomla has its own editors and menu creation tool which make the work easy for the web developers.

4. Drupal 8

Drupal is another emerging CMS in the website development. Drupal is accounted for its impeccable features and customers services. It is the first choice of the ecommerce website owners. The Drupal environment is developer friendly and it has customizable attributes in operations, layouts, features. Drupal applications can easily be changed as per the client’s expectations and even allows the developers to customize the website even after the website deployment. The higher versions like Drupal 8 offer robust experience to the users and seamless integrations with the latest technologies.


Switching to newer CMS can be troublesome and hectic for the organization. The migration to newer content platform requires skills and understanding in managing the website with the updates without loss of previous data and leveraging the users with the seamless experience. Selecting the right platform opens the doors of efficient optimization of the website and customization abilities of the website for the business requirements.

Hvantage Technologies is capable of building the website with the latest CMS technology for every type of online business and organization. If you too are thinking to migrate from the existing platform, we can help you.

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