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9 Important Features of on demand Mobile apps

The on-demand industry is serving the consumers rapidly and fulfilling their demands at the very same instant without letting them go anywhere at any time. The businesses are therefore turning these users’ demands into the fruits of profits for them. In the series of on-demand services, you can easily count Uber, Airbnb, Postmates that have revolutionized the era for now.

Though profitable, this on-demand business is not a bit easy rather it goes through many complexities as the business needs the prompt and quick services to the customers. The on-demand delivery apps are now serving the purpose but what really matters is the app must be effective which can bring more users to your services.

Here we are detailing the purpose, features, importance, and benefits of the on-demand delivery apps so that you can use them for achieving your business goals.

Purpose of the on-demand delivery apps

Before the on-demand apps, there existed (even now) the online business apps that serve the online buyers but their services take a bit long time. This urged the services which can supply the user demands in lesser time.

Therefore, to meet the user demands and supply them with the services in an accelerated way, the on-demand delivery apps came into reality.

9 Important Features of on-demand Mobile apps

  1. Registration/Authentication: The app needs to have the registration page so that the user can register himself and once and take the advantages of the services for longtime without logging in every time. But at the same time, the apps need to have an authentication process every time so that no other people can misuse the app services. Either through their mobile number, email id, passwords, and social accounts can be used to authenticate the registered users.

  2. List of services: The list of services that can a user use should be specified clearly on one of the pages in your app. Later on, if possible every service can be explained in detail in an individual page in the app so that the users can access the service without any hassle and confusion.

  3. Order processing and details: Along with the order making features, the on-demand app should include the basic information related to the order done like the order id, username, pick-up schedule, delivery time, location and even returns and refund details.

  4. Time estimation: The customers expect the fastest delivery like one-day or Prime delivery on Amazon. While talking about the on-demand services like ordering their Pizza or burger or ordering a bouquet for their friend, everyone is in hurry, therefore the app should include the feature and algorithm to calculate the estimated time for their order arrival.

  5. GPS Tracking: The another feature that is essential in the on-demand serving app is the GPs tracking of every order. The app should synchronize with the Google map and should show the location of the nearest service providers and when the order is done, the app could track the real-time location of order and service boy at every moment. This satisfies the customers that their order is arriving soon while it helps you in monitoring your services in reality.

  6. In-app Messaging and Contact Synchronization: The app should be able to synchronize the online orders and details with the offline messaging and call services. The contacts sharing of the driver while booking an online taxi or cab or the contact number of a delivery boy should be synchronized with the apps and the users. Within the app, the messaging can inform the customers about their order confirmation, pick up and delivery.

  7. Discounts & Offers: You can also include offers and discounts in your app. This will help in promoting your services and in fascinating the users towards your app. Occasional offers, discounts on the first purchase or for bulk purchases can add more excitement to the users wherein they would end up in bulk orders through your app.

  8. Mode of Payment: As per the convenience of the users, the on-demand apps should facilitate every payment option to the users. They can select Paypal, payment gateway, app wallet, through the card (debit/credit), directly through bank accounts or even the cash on delivery (COD).

  9. Rating and Feedback: At the last, the on-demand apps must contain the rating and feedback section where they can share their experience about the services and items they receive. The positive reviews help in attracting more users towards your app and services while any suggestion or negative comment left by the users will help you in improving your services.

Why Users do love on-demand mobile apps?

Faster Service

With on-demand delivery apps, the speed of the services has been increased with the few clicks on the apps. The user just opens the app and pick the service they want. Depending upon the selected service, the on-demand business owner serves the customers in the fastest possible time.


As calculated on the basis of logistics charges, the on-demand services are cheaper. The user can order their food from the hotel through on-demand food delivery app while can book a dining in a hotel without paying extra charges for petrol in a bike or a car to go to the hotel to book the table. There are lesser delivery charges on the on-demand services as compared to the online shopping or bricks and mortar stores.


Through these on-demand apps, the users not only can order anytime from anywhere but also it allows them to track their order and delivery time to reach their home. This all features make the apps user-friendly and user loves to know every detailed information about their orders.


For every type of business, mobile apps have been an essential part. Therefore, you need the expert in mobile app development who can understand every basic feature of the on-demand mobile apps. The more engaging will be the mobile app more will be the users.

If you have an idea for an on-demand app for your business, speak to us at Hvantage Technologies. We will make your business more flourish with our innovative mobile app development skills.

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