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Build a Messaging App like Whatsapp

To get connected anywhere in the world via the Internet, earlier, the Gmail or hangouts were used. Then, came the era of Skype. Nowadays, the smartphones with the chatting and messaging apps have taken the place everywhere in the sun.

If we recall the list of chatting apps, we have WeChat, SnapChat, Viber, Telegram, Line, Facebook Messenger and not to be forgotten Whatsapp. The popularity of the Whatsapp messenger is not hidden to anyone. We bet 90 Out of 100 (even it can be full 100) smartphone users will be having Whatsapp in their device. This chatting app has brought a revolution in the social messaging service.

Around 2.01 billion users access messaging apps in their smartphones and this figure will reach 2.48 billion very soon. This figure is thus giving the money-making idea to the mobile app businesses. If you too have made your mindset to go with the messaging mobile app like a Whatsapp then prior to going to any mobile app development company, you need to make your budget plan and list of features you want to include in your messaging app.

Let’s see the Stunning Features of a Messaging App

1. Allow the users to Log-in

Nowadays every mobile app asks the users to register themselves on the installation of a mobile app. For chatting app also, you need to let the users sign-in. May it be through their mobile number or email id. Though the easiest and compatible is to sign-in is through the mobile number. The verification code or an OTP can be sent to this mobile number to register the users to the messaging app.

2. Phone Book Synchronization

The messaging app should have an automatic synchronization with the contacts saved in the device or in the phone book. This synchronization should allow the registered user to get connected with all those contacts who have already registered themselves on your messaging app. As soon as users will register their contact number they can connect all other registered people who have their names saved in their device without making any extra effort.

3. Profile customization

More is the customizing features, more will be the users. People will use this messaging app for chatting with their friends, relatives or even to the professional members of your organization so accordingly, they would want to make their profile pic, their name (username or nickname) and a chatting theme. Allow them to change their profile pic, username and give them an option of themes to select for their chat. More enticing will be the features, more will the users.

4. Messaging Feature- Most important for all

After all profile set, the important task in the messaging app for which you are taking all the hassles. Allow the users to start a conversation with an easy tap on the screen. Also, let the users create a group for conversation in few clicks as the messenger does.

5. Emoticons

To make chat more impressive and interesting, add emoticons and emojis to your app. The users love to use stickers, emojis, gifs in their chat to make it funny, expressive, engaging and interesting.

6. Multimedia Transfer

No matter, it is a chatting and messaging app but yet this will not serve the needs of the users. The app should be compatible to send and receive the multimedia files and support all file formats. Images, GIF, audio message, audio and video clip, and even pdf files. Every format a user could need, should be supported by your chatting-based mobile app.

7. Push Notifications

We all know the importance of push notifications within the app. The notifications will notify the users about the arrival of the new messages, also to the users, if they have been added/removed to/from any group. These are two basic and essential notification for any messaging app and especially when you are making your mobile app just like a Whatsapp. Also, manage the notification pop-ups to show or hide when the screen is locked. Some users don’t want to show the notifications to let read while others prefer to read right from the screen and taps to reply directly from there.

8. An Attractive App Design

Apart from all the feature, the app design is a magnet that holds the potential to attract the users. Show your originality and create an extraordinary UX that could attract the user at the first sight. Build a seamless user interface so that user will not face any trouble in connecting the app with their experience. The beckoning and inviting colors, enticing font styles, alluring content, and background images will make your app stunning. Believe us!

9. Compatible with both iPhone and Android:

To have both the audience, the iPhone users as well as Android users, your messaging app should support both the platforms, Android and iOS and even if possible you should work to build the desktop supporting mobile app. Nowadays Whatsapp can be operated even from the desktop screen. If you could add this feature to your messaging app, it can run a long way in the market. Initially, you can avoid this feature but be sure to add it in the long-term.

10. Other features

Along with the above mentioned-feature, you need to add some extra features like sharing geolocation, the app setting feature where the user can set the app and its notification, sounds, view, theme according to them. Manage the database for the user’s chat, so that in case of reinstallation, the users can get their previous messages. It makes you closer to their feelings as you are storing their memories as well as in case of the important documents, they can restore from the server, but take care of vulnerable attacks to the confidentiality and privacy of the users. Brother Driver


Knowing the popularity of Whatsapp, the mobile app development company are now deciding to invest in such messaging apps that can bring people together as the Whatsapp does and at the same time can be proved beneficiary for their mobile app business. Talking practically, development of such a mobile app is no doubt is profitable, but when it comes to expenses it can be expensive and might cost you more. Here choosing a right technology partner is essential.

Be selective in picking the mobile app developer who can understand your idea and carve a replica of those ideas. We at Hvantage Technologies are full of Android and iOS mobile app developers who skillfully build the mobile app and serve the online users.

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