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Be Alert iOS Developers Features of iOS 12 will be at the top in the year 2019

With the launching of new iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, Apple has again carved its name in the history of IT sector. Every time Apple readily adopts the latest technology and leverage the Apple lovers with the fantasy of evolving technology. The world then tries to follow it and steps ahead in the technology to compete and to exist in this giant technical era.

To add on- Apple has also revealed out the new features of its hardware and software and let the world know more about AI, graphics, cloud computing etc. With this, Apple also revealed the release of iOS 12 and this has taken all over the market. IT gurus have marked its advancement to be more furious in the year 2019.

So here we are here listing the hot features of iOS 12 & its impact in mobile app development.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Siri

The advanced artificial technology has now been implemented into Apple’s Siri, a virtual human assistance. By now,  the iOS developers have given a new twist to Siri. A new Sirikit has been launched that allows Siri to work with voice. The iOS developers have coded the Siri to be compatible with iOS apps and watchOS (Recently Apple has launched a smartwatch that can do ECG also). Integrating the new Sirikit with your app, you can easily access your phone. You can ask Siri to lock the screen or enable hand-free access. All would be possible with Sirikit.

2. Siri Shortcuts

Another feature of Siri. The Siri can suggest you add shortcuts for your recent actions that you usually perform with your app and even the future actions. Wow.... How intelligent Siri has become! Again, Siri shortcuts can be run by using your voice.

3. Machines are Learning continuously

AI and ML have been the winners of technology. The Apple in its latest iOS 12 has implemented core processor which is 7-nanometer A12 Bionic and is blended with the “Neural engine” to perform the neural activities with the capabilities of machine learning. It can easily detect the face of the user and can customize the new Animoji, named as “Memoji” as per the brain activity of the iOS user.

Needless to say that a combination of AI and ML will let the iOS 12 working seamlessly effective.

4. Core ML2

Apple in its newer framework has launched CoreML 2 that enables the faster-performance and adds high-responsiveness to the device. It can cover the language and scripting identification, natural language identification, parts of speech, and even can customize the language models for the users.

5. AR/VR and 3D

In the upcoming iOS 12, Apple will come with the advanced and powerful effects of AR and VR (Augmented and Virtual reality). It has made various improvements in its ARKit 2. The face tracking, measurement abilities, and 3D object detection have been improvised with latest AR and VR feature. The new ARKit can also support multi-user experience and is, therefore, is laced with a sharing feature among the users. For 3D graphics, Apple's iOS 12 will be having SceneKit.

Everything is giving goosebumps!

6. Apple is managing the Security and Privacy

As the world tries to implement Apple’s technology in their apps, there are many hackers too who want to code it all sudden and might attack the security and privacy of the users. Well, Apple too understands the gravity of security in the app development world and therefore it has worked to improve its security level and would prevent the users from the cyber-attacks.

It is using ASWebAuthenticationSession to share cookies and web data between safari and app when users sign-on.

7. Apple Pay

In this era of digitalization when everyone is going cashless, then, Apple why not? Once limited to America only, now Apple pay has been moving all over the world and every Apple device will support Apple Pay services. With Apple pay, the Apple users now can pay cashless as iOS developers are now implementing Fintech into the apps. The users need not add card details to make every financial transaction more secure.

8. Updated version Swift language

Though even in this year of 2018, most of the iOS developers are writing codes for various apps in Swift 5 language the upcoming 2019 will see no limit in using swift 5. As for now, there are around 3.5K apps have developed by using Swift. For Mac OS and iOS apps, swift language has swiftly replaced Objective-C language and has made tasks easier for the iOS developers. An updated version of swift as swift 5 will give goosebumps to the developers in 2019.


The technology is evolving at the faster pace and Apple is grabbing it too quickly. The iOS developers need to have the bird’s eye to learn the tricks and hacks of Apple to compete in the mobile app development industry.

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