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Blockchain and IoT Technology in Data Security

Talking about a few years ago, the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology had been the hot topics and buzzwords but for now, both have reached every sector and taken a massive approach. The technologies nowadays are like the vast oceans whose depth cannot be measured and therefore it’s difficult to summarize the topic in a few words of the article.

IoT and Blockchain are giving more secure way-

As the name suggests, IoT is a technology that deals to connect everything (machines, bike, gadgets, vehicles, clock, pen and everything a human deals with). Therefore this connecting human to machines and machines to things technology is expanding its wings everywhere.

The IoT experts are in search of adding security to the technology as connecting the person’s gadgets, mobile phones or PCs may track their personal data and may invade into their privacy.

A large section of our data is centralized on the google servers, Microsoft, Google search engines, Apple etc. and not to forget on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

For this, blockchain technology has given a sigh of relief to them. To add more technical crunch, nowadays the technocrats have been adopting blockchain with IoT and looking forward to technical growth in an advanced way. Here to know is- Blockchain technology is advancing not only in the financial sector to make cryptocurrencies like bitcoin more secure and safe but also in data securing field.

How Blockchain helps in securing data?

  1. Blockchain helps in data prevention and its copy creation. This would stop the hackers to use the data for their harming intentions.

  2. There are thousands of ledgers in the chain from the root to top and therefore it is next to impossible to hack and modify the data in between the chain.

  3. Modifying data from all the servers in the ledger would cost time and lot of money to the hacker and therefore hackers do not want to involve in it.

  4. Blockchain technology uses the feature of the distribution of data and therefore prevents the data to be modified at any point or node.

  5. Blockchain technology involves the person’s authentication at every point of transaction in the financial process and in keeping the data of the company or the organization. No other than authenticated and responsible person can change in between.

  1. It also uses the person’s login id and device authentication. No other than the trusted device can be used for the transaction through bitcoins or data accumulation in ledgers and blocks.


IoT and blockchain together will make the significant changes in this technical world. Blockchain technology has been proving itself as the trusted technology to do the secure financial transaction worldwide through bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. The software and mobile app development companies are using these latest technologies to build and develop the modern apps for the users and large enterprises and organizations.

Hvantage Technologies is full of the efficient team having the potential to work with the latest technologies to make the latest apps compatible with all devices.

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