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How to build an Insurance App?

To facilitate the smartphones users, there are millions of mobile apps available in the market that help them in their daily activities. The mobile app developers have made all it possible to work in this progressing era through a few clicks on the apps. There exist gaming apps, on-demand apps, business apps, health apps and in this series of app development, there is another important app that can make difference in people’s life.

We are talking about the Insurance app that will be proved helpful not only to the users but also to you to make money. The insurance service providers are now adopting the Insurance app to reach and serve their customers promptly and more technically.

If you are an insurance company or deal with the insurance service providers, then, building the effective insurance app will be beneficial for your business. But as always the app needs to be well organized and work seamlessly to create a good user experience.  

Whether you are a car insurance provider or health insurance provider, you have to be aware of the user’s information and its flow through the app. We are enlisting the features of car insurance app, travel insurance app and health insurance app for the users.

Features that a car insurance app must support:

  1. The car or bike insurance app should generate the digital IDs to the insurance holder.

  2. It should allow the drivers to access their digital ID through the app.

  3. It should have the virtual assistants or chatbots service to answer the frequent questions of the users.

  4. The page that lists all the feature of the insurance services like car’s insurance date and its renew schedule. Services history, maintenance charges, and schedule and every insurance related information that the users need to know.

Travel Insurance App

This is one of the most demanding and useful apps among the users. People love to travel and at the same time want security and discounts for their trip. This adds more fun to their journey. Thanks to Travel insurance app. Let’s know the features that make the travel app more robust.

  1. Quick and prompt access to Travelling policy.

  2. Immediate claim filing service

  3. Easy to upload the documents

  4. Compatible with the travel agent services and dashboard

  5. Can connect with the virtual assistants easily irrespective of the traveler’s location

  6. Accessible to real-time flights and trains departure and arrival timings.

  7. Update on the boarding times of the travelers

  8. Should support the respective country’s contact numbers for ambulance, fire, police, and first-aid in case of emergency.​

Bonus Tip: To make it more robust, you can leverage the travel insurance app with the language translating feature so that wherever the users will go, they will not face any semantic gap because of the language barrier.

Health Insurance App Features

  1. This app should comprise every health-related information of the users.

  2. Patient name, records, and history

  3. Family Insurance

  4. Insurance terms and scheduled claims

  5. Reminders of the installments

  6. Refund Process

  7. Automation in policy cancellation

  8. Banking support for transactions

  9. Doctor’s bio and information

  10. Appointment scheduling and cancellation

Bonus Tip: Apart from the above-mentioned features, the health insurance app should have the app wallet, mediation reports, and information related to different diseases and policy coverage.

As usual, to make this insurance app popular too among the users, you need to take extra care whilst the development process goes on. We have figured out the important and crucial features for an insurance app so that the app can deliver the maximum benefits to the users.


Building an insurance app requires the detailed consideration about the policies of the insurance service providers. Talking practically, a large section of the mob finds problems and confusions in completely understanding the insurance policy, its installments, claims, and refunds even by the manual assistance and therefore diverting them towards the mobile app requires more efforts to build trust over the insurance app.

The insurance mobile app developers need to be well-versed with the coding and developing every page as per the user’s requirements and user’s concern. Any wrong step might create trouble in accessing the app which in turn repel the users from it.

We at Hvantage have a team of stack developers who build the mobile app with easy coding steps that result in seamless and robust applications.

If you have any idea in your mind, then, speak to us!

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