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Build a Mobile Commerce App from an existing ecommerce Website

If you are running an ecommerce business, we bet, you definitely have been given with various suggestions of creating a mobile app for your business. Practically, the overall cost of mobile app development may jump out of your budget especially when you are a startup or a small company and dreaming to settle in the market.

Here you can ask us- Is there any solution that gets fitted into the budget and helpful to your business?

Yes, there is! We understand the importance of money and also how important the mobile ecommerce apps are the startups as well for other businesses. Therefore, we suggest you build up the mobile commerce app from your existing ecommerce website. By suggesting this, we aim to trim the app development cost along with the development time.

How will it be possible?

The development of mobile commerce app from the website can easily be possible through the database sharing and the app will be effective with lesser bugs and highly responsive to testing and deployment. The thing that makes the commerce app and ecommerce website different is their presentation. The information and content will be different on a display.

There are a few basic steps should be taken before turning the ecommerce website into a commerce app.

Here they go:

1.Platform Identification

The developers find it easy to build the website on different platforms like Magento, WordPress plugin as WooCommerce that allow full Content Management Systems for the website. But when it comes about the mobile commerce app, the right platform identification is important. The platform decides the complexity of the development. As for now, building the mobile commerce app is easier on OpenCart rather on Magento.

2. Maintaining the Look and Access Feel:

As you are turning your ecommerce website with which customers are now befriended, into a mobile commerce app. Therefore, you need to maintain the previous feel and compatibility in the mobile commerce app. Here, the mobile app developers are recommended to keep the design reflecting the business and its brand. The app and the website should resemble each other every time so that users could get the same experience all the time. Any inconvenience in accessing may lead to user’s void at your mobile commerce app as well as in your website. You could not afford any customer going away.

3. API development

A mobile app cannot be built without API development. API acts as a bridge between the data and database flow. It involves the subroutines, essential definitions, protocols and tools for interface with the database and server system. For building the mobile commerce app from the website, number of APIs is required. This becomes a tedious task for the developers to build numerous APIS for mobile app functioning. For a reference, they could get help from the publisher website but building the other essential APIs is yet complicated.

Therefore, you need to be selective in choosing the right technology partner for your business purpose.

4. API integration

Post the building of all APIS for the app, the crucial step is the API integration. A proper API integration involves creating a difference between the static and dynamic information flowing on the page and server respectively. The static information is for the page to be shown all the time while dynamic information needs to be fetched from the server by the API.

For instance, the availability and quantity of product are dynamic while its description and specification are static. The modern system demands a robust API integration with a tight security of the server information.

5. Testing

The real success of any type of development comes at its testing process. Like other developments, the mobile commerce app also needs to be tested on several parameters and consideration of user’s access and app compatibility to its platforms. For testing the app, there must be an individual testing team who can efficiently check the errors or bugs if any. There comes manual as well as automatic testing with the help of tools.

6. Deployment

After passing every test, the mobile app is all set to launch on the floor for the customers. The deployment process involves the submission of mobile apps at the app stores. As per your platform, you can submit the app on either Google play store or Apple store for the users.


Your budget might not be allowing you to build a mobile app from the scratch. Therefore, building the mobile commerce app from existing website will be helpful. If you too are looking forward to web development service for your online business, then, Hvantage Technologies is the complete web solution. Come to us and speak up your web requirements.

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