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Has Your Mobile App Passed All Tests Before Launching?

The moment when your mobile app development and designing team comes up with the complete product after spending a couple of months, efforts and time you obviously become excited and want to launch it on the floor right off the bat. But, hold on, this is not the right time. You need to check and test the app from every aspect before giving it into the hands of your clients and customers.

So, prepare yourself to test the mobile app at every level. Here we are giving you a list of five utmost tests and recommend every business involved in the mobile app development process. These tests are to ensure that the mobile users will not face any difficulty or report an issue rather they will enjoy your mobile app. With this, you will get a wide range of audience.

The list goes on straight away…...

1. Functionality Test

Post the development, one needs to check the functionality of the mobile app. Since the ultimate users of the mobile app will be the humans, therefore, you need to check the functioning of a mobile app in accordance with the users. To give the agile user experience, your testing team must be proficient in testing with the function parameters and must have hands full on various functional tools manually as well as automated. The functionality test checks the efficiency of the app. This test is essential for checking how well the user-interface (UI)works in the mobile app.

2. Performance Test

The performance test includes the checking of the mobile app with respect to the network and server accessibility. The performance tests are conducted to check the viability of mobile apps for the existing networks, servers and applications at the server-end while at the application end, user experience (UX) is tested. The performance test checks how the mobile app responds to user interaction. There exist many testing tools depending upon the type of mobile app you have developed (hybrid mobile app or native app). The tools based on the Front-end JavaScript profile are used to find out the front-end and user experience bottlenecks. Stubbing back-end services are also used for performance checking of the mobile apps at the front-end.

3. Memory Test

An important test for the mobile apps is of the checking the efficiency and vitality of memory in mobile apps. Any imbalance in memory optimization may cause the mobile app to misbehave eventually mobile app will not work for what it is meant to be. To have an accurate result in memory test, we recommend you to test the mobile app on the same system architecture for which it is developed so that you can know how memory gets optimized actually. In general, the test team performs the test on the emulators which sometimes differ from the practical architecture, thus, gives different results. When a user uses the mobile app then sometimes the memory storage and memory optimization do not fit well which in turn might irritate the user and he might uninstall it within no time.

4. Interruption Test

When a user accesses any app on its mobile, you never know which another app can send notification or they can get a call from anyone thus interrupting their mobile app access. In such condition, your mobile must be robust and efficient in handling the interruptions like incoming calls, low memory or low battery warning, charger removal or insertion, SMS, emails or any other

For every mobile app, an interaction test is necessary to check the app responsiveness with respect to the notifications, alerts, calls or any message to the device, your mobile app should handle all these disturbances efficiently without interrupting its services to the users.

5. Usability Test

Once the above-mentioned testings are completed and the mobile app is all set to hit the room, the last but not the least, you need to check its usability and acceptability among the target audience. In this section, the mobile app is tested for its overall performance, its effect on the users and lastly for the satisfaction level a mobile app can leverage with its users.


If you deal with online users regularly in your business and have developed the mobile app for it, then, prior to launching in front of the end users, you should involve every test for better results. If you have no in-house team for mobile app development then you can rely on us, Hvantage Technologies for an absolutely tested mobile app for your business holding a potential to woo a large number of customers.

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