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How Much Time Does your Website Take to Load?

Everyone has the Internet connection in their PCs, laptops and smartphones and they spend most of their time in the Internet surfing. With the availability of faster speed Internet services, clicking on the websites is damn easy like a kid’s play. Users just type the address in the address bar and within a second the result displays on the screen. Among all, the user clicks on the particular website and their retaining time on the website depends on many factors like

  • How engaging the website is?

  • How useful is the website for them?

  • How easily can the users access the website?

And the more important-

  • How much time does your website take to load?

Yes, the loading time of the website is very important that decides whether the visitor will stay on your website or not. In the era of 4G and 5G speed, the users don’t want to waste even a single second and wants the prompt services and when any website takes more time to load, he/she will leave your website for sure. They don’t want to give any patience test just to get your website loaded rather they will go to another one.

A survey says:

More than half of the world’s web users don’t wait for 2 seconds or more to get the website loaded. They immediately leave the website those taking more than 3 seconds of their time. A research says that the loading time affects the online shoppers more and the users of ecommerce website. Once any website takes a larger span of time in loading, the users make sure that they would not be going to visit the same website again.  It not only repels the particular users, but also these users circulate this inactivity of the website to their friends and family.

How does the loading time affect your online sales?

When the users don’t get the web page within a shorter span of time, it not only repels them but also affects the sales of your business. With their leaving you might lose valuable customers as well as experience loss in multi dollars. Therefore, improving the webpage and its loading time is always recommended for the ecommerce business owners. Don’t let the sales into drain just because of delay in website loading. Epson Printer Drivers

How does Google respond to the slower website?

Google ranks the website depending on their performances and popularity. It also optimizes the website ranks on the basis of their loading time. Google gives the top ranks to the website who serves satisfactorily to its users and pace with the optimum speed of loading. Remember, Google ranking affects the visibility of your website on the SERPs.

How can you improve the website performance?

We below are mentioning the solutions to the two most common issues on which the website performance depends.

  1. Disorganized Codes

The entire performance of the website depends on the codes written by the web developers. Here, as simple will be the code more will be the effective website. Complexity in coding leads to the complex access to the website. Also, the larger codes and improper organization of the codes leads to trouble and complexity. It slows down the speed of the website. Therefore web developers must be efficient in organizing and managing the codes and always write the codes in the simplest form with the slower loading time.   

  1. Images

The larger image takes a larger span of time in loading. Images in TIFF, BMP formats consume more capacity of the server and also you require more time to upload it. This time span is usually same for the user to download the image and therefore website loading time increases. Therefore, using the simple image formats like JPEG and PNG is optimum and it makes the webpage visible in lesser time.


With easy access to the Internet, the online shoppers, readers, bloggers and website surfers have been increasing. People are accessing the Internet and website for their every hobby and need. In such scenario, the website loading speed can affect every user and where they have many other and better options, it will be easy for them to leave you immediately.

Therefore, leveraging your users with the optimum serving website to create a faster and prompt online experience is an essential requirement for you to stay in the online market. Upgrade your website performance and don’t let your clients go away.

If you are searching for the efficient and skilled web developers, then, you are at the right place. Hvantage Technologies has a professional team of web developers who play with codes easily and build the effective website for their clients.

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