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Grow your Restaurant Business with the Mobile App Development

The online food delivery market is growing day by day, and there are more options adding to this industry every day, to make it vast and advanced than ever. A research says that more than 45 percent restaurant owners consider that online food delivery has increased their annual revenue and around 36 percent say that they have noted an improvement in their services by adopting online food ordering system. Analysing this requirement and modern trend Silicon Valley has spent around $127 million into a few years old startups ‘DoorDash’ with the dream of ruling over all the restaurant marketplace. Similar to this there are many facts and figures available that states, the food industry is evolving. But for a successful business, in accordance with good food and excellent services, marketing also plays a crucial role. If people do not know that you are serving and what you are serving, then all your food quality and services are of no use. Therefore, for marketing your brand and making your services easily available, you should have a full marketing plan that looks after all your needs and can attract a large section of customers. One of the best examples for this proves to be mobile apps and websites.

It is crystal clear from the trends that the future of restaurant business highly depends on online food ordering system. The current situation is a witness how food market is paralysed with mobile apps.

Perks of Mobile food offering Apps:

Below, we have discussed some benefits of mobile food ordering apps, and the way it eases the ordering process and also increases the number of order and revenues.

Customizable Layout:

Customization of the mobile app on the basis of your restaurant theme can represent your restaurant to your customers without them actually visiting you. Its layout can be designed in such a way that it matches your restaurant specialities. The customized mobile application themes allow you to tweak the layout and also works well to raise the horizon of your restaurant’s brand.

Real-time Menu:

Mobile application makes it possible to edit your menus easily in the applications in real time. This means that whatever changes are made in the menu from the restaurant outlet, the same will directly and instantly reflect in the app menu at customers’ version of an application. This feature ensures no mismatch in the order and offers smooth and quick ordering experience to customers.

Easy Ordering

With the user-friendly UI of food ordering apps, customers can select their prefered order type like a takeaway or a delivery order. Fast food chains also eradicate the mediator’s role in booking orders as they allow end users to book their order over the online platforms and mobile applications. It makes food ordering easier for customers. It ends up saving much time as it saves the time that a mediator takes to pen down the entire order. These apps also prompt customers to choose their preferred location with an easy drop-down button before they proceed to the menu and place their order.

Customer Engagement:

With the help of online food ordering apps, your customer relations grow many folds and your reach to them increases. It allows you to send latest updates, offers and discount coupons directly to their cellphones. Mobile apps serve as a great marketing tool as it comes handy in updating customers and allows them to provide feedback and reviews for the restaurant according to their convenience thus, increasing the customer delight. All the reviews and feedback allows you to check your services, analyse customer experience and expectation, and serve them better further ahead.

Having an online food delivery app is not a great achievement but having one that meets all the market requirements is. So let us discuss some points through which you can meet all the current market requirements of an online food delivery app.

How to meet all the market requirements of an online food delivery app:

When we talk about any app, the first thing that crosses our mind is its design, features and its reviews, in case of online food delivery apps these features play an important role. Considering this point, you need to ensure that your food delivery app has all the features that reflect your business model and can grab the attention of users. However, most of the restaurant's owners prefer to engage with one or the other online platform to give more personalized service with their mobile application.

To be successful, your on-demand food app must contain following features:

  1. Sign up / login

  2. Profile settings

  3. My orders

  4. Food menu search option

  5. List of restaurant

  6. Search restaurant by category with reviews

  7. Cart

  8. Payment Gateway

  9. Wallet Option

  10. Map

  11. Order tracking facility

  12. Updates on delivery & billing details

  13. Discount voucher

  14. Push Notification

Food ordering apps streamline food industry and speed up the delivery process and have become a must-have feature for restaurants. It not only increases customer delight but also boosts the restaurant profits, only you have to take care of unique personalized experience, without losing self-identity. We at Hvantage Technologies know the execution is quite difficult than the verbal expression but a little research and our experienced mobile app development team can aid you to reap fruitful results in future. So, if you wanna boost up your sale by introducing an online food delivery app without diverting your concentration from food quality and service, contact us.


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