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How can you add security to the Apps

Security has always been a point of concern while accessing the website or surfing the Internet. The pacing technology is entering into everyone’s life with the purpose of making life easier. But, practically, these advancements in technology have brought many dangers in the privacy issues. The hackers have become more active in using the technologies. It’s hard to believe but yet true, B2B ratings and reviews firm in Washington, DC, Clutch has surveyed and revealed that around 63% of the website is serving without security measures for its users. If we ignore this figure, there are yet many business managers who understand the cruciality and importance of the security features and implementing them to their website as well as apps.

But the major hurdle that comes amid the development of secured apps is the incomplete knowledge and knowing the right way to implement them into app development. Any misconception and wrong move would only invite the hackers to their business.

Let’s know how you can avoid hackers and build a secure app for your business.   

1. Check the app login page:

The login page is the first page the user's access and a key that unlocks the door of your business. With the login page, you manage the administrative features of your app, therefore, you need to be extra caring about its development. The simple URLs can easily be hacked by the hackers and once the hackers know your login page, they with their hacking tactics can easily guess the associated password. Terrific, once they know the URL and password, they are going to own your website.

2. Add more security to input fields:

Hackers always probe for the ways to penetrate your login page and website. For this, they try every method and the input fields of your app will be helpful to them. It’s common to add the vacant fields for the users and letting them leave the comments, feedback or any message. For your knowledge, these places are more prone to dangers as the hackers can impregnate the hacking codes to it. Once they get access, they can easily swing the database or attack on the private information of your business or users and more dangerous they can overrule on the financial information of your business.

3. Analyse the accumulated information:  

It’s natural that the users use the same email address for login at various apps and even for their banking purposes. This gives the best tool to hackers to gather more and more information about the users and in turn about the business to get indulged in it. It is seen that to register for most of the apps, an email address, a username and password is mandatory or even sometime geolocation access are required. The hackers of the website use this information to reach the business website. The email address with 57% runs with more risk of hacking.

Therefore while allowing the users to onboard your login page, ask them to use the unique username and password. This not only saves them from hacking their account but also you from being captured by the hackers who can accumulate the important information of your business.  

4. Encrypt the user’s information:

Once you have analysed and finalized the information you need to collect from your users, next phase is to add safeguarding code to it. Though it is a challenging task to store all the database and user information at one place, therefore, most of the website owner either keep the data on their website or store in Dropbox or use a third-party app for storage. Clutch, a review and B2B reviews firm revealed the figures for such storage 48%, 25% and 46% respectively.

Practically it is the best approach as storing all the data at one place would be cumbersome in handling, therefore, we suggest encryption of the data and information.

Since encryption technique requires the additional efforts to add keys and code to the data, therefore, most of the website managers avoid this. But we recommend you to do so!

How can you control the hackers?

  1. It is suggested to use the difficult and random URLs for the login page which can lead the hackers into trouble. Also, share the login page access to those employees only who really need to work on it.
  2. To save the input fields from hacker attacks, form validation feature is helpful. Within the app, you can deploy a security code that prevents the harmful scripts from entering into.
  3. Adding CAPTCHA (“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”) that can distinguish the software or Robot and humans act. This will save your app from accepting vulnerable scripts automated by any software used by hackers. Adding CAPTCHA to apps is less in fashion but it will prove a secure step for your web apps.
  4. Limit the information to be asked from the user. The information that is really essential must be collected while the additional information can be avoided. This will give fewer resources to the hackers to move on your website.
  5. Use encryption technique to safeguard user’s information and the databases storing at different places.
  6. Use encryption technique to safeguard user’s information and the databases storing at different places.  

The Security feature is Fundamental for app

With the best design, compelling features and attractive login page the last but an essential feature you need to add to your app is the security feature. The users hunt for the features on which they can rely and trust and can be assured that their personal data and information are not prone to any phishing attack.  

If you are too among the 63% of web app manager who does not bother about the security management then you, your business and your users all are more likely avenues for the hackers. But don’t panic, we at Hvantage Technologies are the reliable solution for building the secure app for any type of business. Come to us and add preventive features to your business apps.

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