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Android P: Google has Launched Ninth Version of Android OS

With bells on, the giant IT company, Google has announced the launching of a new version of Android OS on 7 March 2018. To keep the developers calm and excited, Google has made this announcement with the first preview the same day. Now when the Google has exposed its best play card so far, the Android app developers and users will witness the new beau ideal in the IT world.

With the next update, Android P is the ninth version of the Android OS next to Android Oreo, but it has more exciting features for its users.  Initially, the Google Pixel devices are going to access the heart win features of Android P but very soon the other devices would also be able to make their android experience awesome.

Let’s see what are the exciting features of the Android P:

Notification has been improved: With Android P, the Google has improved the notifications display. The android app developers can work on this approach and add multiple windows for various messengers and even can allow users to use the separate notification window for their favourite app. Users will be waived off seeing the notification message at the top of the screen rather they would directly.

Higher Level of Privacy: Android P has brought the newer level of privacy to the Android users while signing up for any third party resources and services through their devices. To fix privacy constraints, the Google has worked on various app features as if camera, microphone and sensors in idle condition would not be able to acknowledge the third party apps. This restricts the third party apps to retrieve the personal data of the users enhancing the privacy of the Android P users in turn.

Another top security feature of Android P is the app will be owned by the fingerprint system allowing users to maintain their privacy. For this, the app developers need to be more articulated in creating a fine fettle UI design for apps.

Can Locate In-door Routes: with The Google Maps, traversing any path has been the easiest job ever. But now the Google has expanded this feature and allow its users to explore the in-door positioning through its real-time WiFi Real Trip Timer.

This feature will work in an 802.11mc layer, letting the apps to locate the device position from its WiFi access point that would be deciphered by the app developers to amend the indoor positioning feature along with outdoor routes and locates.

At this moment, we fear that maybe this feature is exclusive for the Google pixel users. This creates a large expectation from the Android app developers who can make this feature compatible with every device.

MarkUp feature:  With its new Markup feature, Google has given the realm of iOS 11 effects. It is a screenshot editor feature that adds creativity, excitement and fun to the user’s photo capturing the experience. The feature allows image cropping, editing, drawing and even rotating the snapshots. With the required editing option, the user can save the screenshot in a single tap. Of course! Sharing is allowed on the social media through this creative markup feature.  

Advanced Do Not Disturb option: In the earlier versions, when users get indulged in a meeting or in any situation where they cannot reply or respond to the call or text they more probably put their phone on the DND option or flight mode. But all these tantrums can be rolled off through Google’s new amendment in Do Not Disturb option. Users can manage and set preferences for the apps they want to use in every situation. They can set whether they want to pick a call or not but opting others app to be idle in DND option.

Animated GIFs and Images: Sending GIfs and animated images are always of fun and the best thing is Google understands its users. Therefore, in its next update, Android P, Google has announced the new feature for the developers and users allowing the developers and designers to create the attractive and funny GIF, animated graphics and WebP for the Android users. This feature can be resembled Animated Vector Drawable functionality as in RenderThread feature for decoding the images.

Extra Cameras can work simultaneously: For the selfie lovers, this is the good news. Google is working to integrate the API into its code that can connect multiple cameras simultaneously to boost the selfie and image capturing experience of the users. It is more often seen that users phone is leveraged with multiple front and back camera apps.

With Android P version, users can click a photo in portrait mode or in Apple style or even can integrate images of two cameras to create a new shot. amazing feature for the photographers and selfie lovers!


The launching of the Google’s Android OS ninth version has filled the excitement into the Android app developers and users.  Many features are new while some are mere amendments to the existing features but concisely would create an amazing experience for the Android users.  

If you have a brilliant idea that can meet the features of the Google’s next Android P version, this is the best moment to take a move. Meet your technology partner right now who can build the Android apps for the Android users. Hvantage Technologies is leveraged with the efficient team that has the potential to work with the latest technologies to deliver the latest apps compatible with all devices so that every user can have the experience of the latest Google features.




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