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Dating App Must Have to Be Like Tinder

The world is moving forward with technology at every corner, so why not relationships? You must have heard about the Tinder, the most popular dating app where one can find the soulmate. We must say, the developers of Tinder app had the amazing idea to connect the world with love and they have brought the spark in everyone’s life who feel lonely. Signing up for a dating app on mobile and starting the progressive path to find a soulmate is an idea that every person would prefer.

Tinder app with its exclusive concept has made the records and become more popular in very short time. Following the Tinder app path, many startups are putting their best foot forward to make the dating mobile app just like Tinder or even better than Tinder.

We as an app development Company have received various demands from the clients to make a dating app for them and we with our expert team have met their expectations by delivering the best online dating app.

Why the companies/Startups are moving to create an app like Tinder?

Love is always an amazing thing and finding the right partner has always been a tough job for the people. Here dating app is helping people to create new relationships and finding a partner and soulmate. This is making online business to adopt the concept of making an online dating app.

Let’s see what the facts reveal about this:

  1. Before Tinder release, it was hard to believe that such app is acceptable but nowadays about 15% of adults in America love this app and use it thoroughly.

  2. In the year 2009 to 2016, the market in the US had reached $381 million from $43 million, just because of dating app, We are not kidding here, Statista had conducted the survey and come up with these figures. We should not be amazed if this market reaches $430 million by the year 2018.

  3. The UK has 7 million Tinder users.

  4. Australia covers around 5% users of Tinder solely.

  5. Online dating app industry costs $2.2 billion and expected to grow at higher levels shortly.

  6. 80% of Tinder app users are satisfied with it and approve this way as more prompt and good to find their life partners.

Feeling Shocked? But you will have to believe that these figures are true and if you too are thinking to make a clone for a dating app, you are a wise man!  

So, let’s dive into deep and know more about different dating apps: There are four basic types of dating apps:

  1. Dating apps with geolocation mechanism: Apps that give matching results based on the user location and lists the daters that come in the user’s aura. Tinder is the best in it while Bumble is next to it.

  2. Dating apps working on survey information: Such apps give the result on the basis of the information fed while conducting the personal survey. User’s information is used for matching the partners for them. eHarmony is an example of it.

  3. Traditional Dating Apps: With the most basic features even just like an older dating website, these dating apps give the matching results. OKCupid is the most traditional dating app in the queue of Tinder.

  4. Exclusive Dating Apps: The apps that work on the filter mechanism and unique applications allowing the selected category people to sign up. The League, an online dating app allows only ambitious professionals while The Grade and Antidate have the women anti-harassment feature that makes it the choice of many girls.


eHarmony Tinder the lrague okcupid min

Ways to earn money from dating app

  1. Allow free sign up to the users. But obviously, this is not going to work when we talk about earning. So, it’s better to allow free installation initially and later on charging them for the subscription after a specified time.

  2. When people find your app engaging and useful they can spend some pennies on your app. You can add in-app purchases for stickers, emojis, relationship related icons and smileys. People will definitely buy it as it will make their chat with their would be partners more interesting.

  3. Premium plans are worth to make money. Many dating apps allow messaging and chatting only to premium users. You too can add additional and more attracting features to your dating app and make it open only for premium users. Make sure, your app must be engaging for the people so that they can think to invest in your app.  

  4. Earn from third-party apps by allowing them to advertise on your app pages.

16 Suggested Features for Dating App that People Love:

  1. Allow easy sign-up.

  2. Space for adding the bio and interests.

  3. Use geolocation to find the matching.

  4. Disclose single guys & girls around the app user.

  5. Ability to send and receive messages, smileys and photos.

  6. At least user can view the profile of every user.

  7. Proper image uploading quality.

  8. Easy chatting and flirting.

  9. The matching algorithm based on age, interest and the relevant information and preferences, a user feeds.  

  10. The feature that shows who has viewed your profile.

  11. Ability to connect with the social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram etc. of the user

  12. Privacy is an important feature that every user love and expects from the app.

  13. The app must have an admin control that does not allow uncensored images and content.

  14. Easy swipe to accept or reject the request.

  15. Effective and engaging features with easy navigation.

  16. A blocking feature if the user does not want to have communication with a person anymore and even if he/she irritates or teases the other user.  

On a Final Note

Making an online dating can help you in earning money but you should take care of few things as it connects the feelings of the people and decides their major part of life. Since the dating app users would communicate with their would be partners and soulmates they expect privacy and decency in the app. The app with the attractive and loving features with the eye-catchy design and smooth navigation attracts more users to it. For earning more, your app must be accurate to deliver the results based on the matching algorithms, geolocation and preferences and interests the user has shown.   

You have already seen the popularity of the dating app and making an app like Tinder can be a good decision, the only thing where you should be wise again is in choosing the right technology partner for you. Hvantage has come up as the first choice as the best mobile app development company in Los Angeles, for many clients with the satisfied results. We have already built an online dating app and contributed to letting people find their soulmates. It satisfies us too.

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