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Web App Development: How much is it going to cost?

You might be amazed to know that having conversations on web apps, services and requirements take few hours or a day while calculating the overall web app development cost takes a couple of days. It might happen to you that when you would have put forward the idea about what you want in your web app and ask for the charges a developer might have asked for few days to calculate the charges.

While building the website, everyone wishes to have a website that can be as popular as Facebook, Twitter etc. have the potential to attract millions of users. But in another context, everyone wants to be unique in serving their customers, therefore, demands the additional, advanced and sui generis features, that affect the budget of the web development.

Charge List for different types of Web Apps:

First of all, the price for the web app development varies from location to location. As in, the web developer in Los Angeles would charge you different than web developer in California or New York.  So, here we are summarizing the approximate cost that a web developer generally charges. This would help you in making the budget and financial strategy. Read with full concentration.

  1. Simple Web Apps: The basic web app with simple templates and layouts that look like more often as online brochures may cost the lowest as $5-$15K. In the minimum, such basic web app development takes around 30 days to complete.

  2. Professional Apps: The web apps that have various pages with the content and information on it aiming to serve for ecommerce businesses or larger prospectives costs nearly $15-60K taking 2-3 months to get completed.

  3. Web Apps for settled Organizations and Established Companies: The established companies generally demand the web apps with the efficient CMS (Content Management system). Such development contributes to $10 million revenue to businesses. Building these web apps costs approximately $60-200K and therefore the organizations having employees up to 200 ask for such website. This may take 90- 180 days to be accomplished.

  4. Web App development for Enterprises: Enterprises or mid-sized organizations that are strong at their funds choose to build the web apps that can support the software add-ons or complete web services. This hugely costs around $200-500K and obviously adding more features require more time to develop the complete web application. Generally, such web app takes more than six months of time for their complete development.  

Here, you must note that more desires would be expensive for you. If you really a unique idea and amazing features to build in your web application then be ready to endow a large part of your savings or funds. Generally, it would cost you from $500K and increases with your creative demands. But to have a sigh of relief, the Minimum Viable Product(MVP) can be cost-effective, ranging from $75-250K depending on the technology partner you choose. Hvantage Technologies would be a budgeted choice here!

To be more exact, there are two ways to estimate the web app development cost:

Of course, the features and requirements decide the cost of the project and therefore the web app development companies follow two approaches to bring more accuracy in cost estimation.

  1. Based on Functional Specifications: Having conversations and detailed information about the specifications with the client,  a web developer list all the requirements in a document based on which he calculates the cost and time of the project.  This approach focuses on estimating the solid budget that allows no change in specifications and requirements while building the project as any change in requirement would affect the charge and price. This approach is more probably chosen for those who have the set budget and don’t prefer any flexibility in it.

  2. Flexible Approach: Those who demand the additional features and allow the web developers to use their creativity to the higher extent are more probably flexible in their budget. Such clients demand the dexterous applications that are more often quick-witted and iterative. For them, if budget exceeds than the set one, they would not mind only they want the exclusive and superior application with the best functionality. On contrary, this doesn’t mean that they would spend any amount you would say. In nutshell, the budget can be changed to some highs and lows.

More to consider:

Building the functional web app is not the last stage rather update is the next step. Practically, the first version does not become so much popular as the next versions. So this can cost you more than the estimated cost and time. With the web app development cost, there are few additional charges that should be accounted for the complete project. The cost for the update, maintenance charges post release of the web application in front of the customers, back-end servers support charges, cloud hosting and also legal support charges finally get summed up. Other supplementary charges are for promoting and marketing your web app and business also needs to be enumerated.  

On a Final Note

As for now most of the online businesses have a web app but only a few catches the attraction of the users. It is a strong tool that impacts the visitors. If it leaves the lasting impression on the visitors, they will reside at you else there are many options available to them to move on. This compels the businesses to build an attracting and engaging web application laced with advanced features so that every user can stick to it. This is easier said than done, as the web app development costs more money and time. When we exclusively talk about additional features, the web app development cost can take more bucks off the businesses. Therefore, if you too are going to have a web app built for you, you must estimate the rough idea about how much a simple web app or an enterprise web application website development can cost you.   

We would recommend that you should be wise in investing every star from your fund but though should not get attracted to the lusting offers promising you to complete your project in 2-3 weeks at the cheapest price. Remember, everything that glitters is not gold.

Here, you can completely rely on Hvantage Technologies who offer the budgeted solution for the completed web app development pre and post-release on the floor. We also build the Minimum Viable Product serving you in a cost-effective manner.  

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