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Make a Rocking Teen App

Gone are the days when the kids and teenagers used to spend their vacations and holidays in playing outside all the day. Time flies so fast that we couldn’t realise when the smartphones have taken a wide space in our lives. Initially, all were happy with their keypad mobile phones but all of a sudden the smartphones have changed their lives such that imagining life without a smartphone is a nightmare now.  

The world has entered into the millennium year where everything is advancing at the rapid rate of advancing technology. Teenagers of this era love to explore technology and find more leisure in playing with their smartphones laced with the modern apps.  

Believing in Statistics, In USA, 24 million are teenagers and as an average, they spend around 93.5 hours/month on smartphones while 27.6 hours in a month playing with tablets. We are discussing this fact to draw your attention especially towards the mobile app development for teenage.

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If you check their mobiles, you will see a list of mobile apps installed on their devices.  Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Amazon, Uber etc. are few popular mobile apps that you can easily find in their mobile apps. To attract the teenagers towards you, we recommend you to develop the mobile apps edged with the latest technical features and have the potential to engage the teenagers in it.

Must have features in a Teen App:

Simple but exciting: It might contradict to listen but yes the combination of simplicity with an excitement works amazingly while creating the teen app. For example, a camera app that is simple in use to click the photos but to engage more teenagers you can add exciting features like face swapping, gestures, filters and various photo editing options. To be icing on their cake excitement, allow images sharing through an app that can connect more friends.  Snapchat is the best example. Playing game has no age limit nowadays and a big thank to the smartphones. All age groups people now can find a gaming app as per their interest and so how can a teenager. Thinking to develop a gaming app for teenage is the best idea to have more users. More often, every gaming app has its own crowd. Now it’s your turn to get in touch with more.

Communication Proficiency: As the Internet has connected every corner of the world and people can easily talk with their loved ones residing at any corner. The mobile apps have changed the way of communication, right from the voice chat to video chat and mutual messages sharings. Teenagers love this online communication and therefore your mobile app must include the communication capabilities within it. The emojis, gifs, stickers and funny features can add more fun to their conversation. You can try it.   

Personalization: Everyone has a personal feeling and love for their smartphones. But teenagers feel more concerned while dealing with the smartphones and installing the mobile apps. They love personalization with smartphones and love to keep those apps maintaining their personification and self-expression.

Capable to connect with Social networks:  As for now, teenagers are jumping on the bandwagon of social network platforms. Therefore, you can leverage your teenage audience with the capability to connect the app to the social networks. The socially active audience love to share their life’s actions and events to the crowd. If your app helps them to connect with the wider audience and make them popular on their favourite social platform, your app would gonna be popular among them! Remember facebook and Snapchat?

Free or low cost of installation: Being a teenager, they have a lifestyle Spending their money on tons of things, but we can bet, installing a mobile app is of course not in their list. They prefer the free apps than the chargeable apps. So while developing the mobile app you must keep this factor in your mind. Because if you charge the few bucks to download your app, they will search for another option on the app stores.

The Efforts you need to take for Developing a Teen App:

The effective and engaging mobile app development is a tough process that consists various subprocess in it. It requires manpower as well as the valuable time and money.

We are listing the important process of the development that you must go through -

Market research: Know the market demand and behaviour before taking any action. Figure out what is trending and what is prevailing in the teenager group. Understand the choice and taste of the teens. To understand the youth is quite difficult though!

Make concept: Before initializing software development, the developers divide the process into a set of sequential sub-tasks and choose implementation tools and approaches. This can take around 120 man-hours;

Functionality design and development: An important process that would affect the youth’s engagement. With the fair idea in mind, you must decide the functionalities that your app is going to offer to the youths and then accordingly select the design. Post selecting the design, you must enter into the development and coding process.

Beta Test: Testing is always necessary before putting it forward to the audience. It’s better to check always. You should involve the group to test the mobile app rather getting it tested by a single person. You must have an expert panel who can check every feature and functionality of the mobile app and give their honest feedback. If any bugs or issues occur, you can remove it before it hits the floor. For more information on testing and bug avoidance, read: Software Bugs: How to avoid?

Tech support: The project does not get completed as it launches on the floor rather an update and fixing bugs post development and release are always required. For this, you need a strong tech support who can serve you every moment you need them.

Final words

Youths of today’s generation are more concerned with the technologies and they keep themselves updated with the advancing technology. If you too want to have a young crowd, you should meet their expectations. You should think- In the market, there are many chatting apps, gaming apps, photo and camera apps and many more apps, even then, why only a few mobile apps are popular among them? With having the answer to this million dollar question, you should start the teen mobile app that holds the calibre to rock the life of the teens.

Hvantage Technologies works with the youth team who understand the youth’s mentality and easily find the taste of the teens. Our young team is capable to deliver the pragmatic mobile apps giving a kick to youth’s life. We serve our clients from the developing process to launching and post-release of the mobile apps. Get the best mobile apps that charismatically add fun, excitement and practicality to youth’s life!




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