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Best Five PHP Frameworks for Website Development

Best Five PHP Frameworks for Website Development

PHP has become the first choice of the web developers. It would be amazing to know that PHP empowers the development of prompt and the most popular websites like Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo, MailChimp. Currently, 80% websites are dominated with PHP framework and it is occupying more space in Web development and in the minds of the web developers.  

Designing an effective and high-quality application and websites quickly is always a challenging task for the web developers. The complexities get increased when the website requires iterative and repetitive works. Here, PHP frameworks are now stimulating the web solutions and accelerating the speed of web developers.

PHP framework

PHP has many frameworks that are helping the web developers to add ease in web development giving more security policies and versatile methodologies.  It also allows reusing the different parts of the code that reduces the complexities of coding. It helps in easy scaling.

In this technical environment, there exist many PHP frameworks and therefore we have picked the best five for you. Laravel, Symfony, Yii, Phalcon, and Zend.


No other PHP framework has gained the popularity as Laravel. It has emerged the most popular PHP framework. Laravel is a new framework that is introduced newly yet it has attracted a large number of developers.

Laravel is being adopted for large as well as small web applications as it deals with lesser bugs and errors. Laravel has the larger community and efficiently deals with many databases. Above all, Laravel is easy to use and learn.


Symfony is known for modularity that uses modular blocks termed as bundles. Symfony was introduced in 2005 and it is taken as the clever and consistent framework. The bundles in Symfony are alike as plugins in other software. As PHP is well known for allowing the reuse of parts of code, so as the Symfony. These reusable entities are used for building the foundation of PHP websites and applications. Symfony has larger community and has an interactive and supportive platform. For creating, large and complex projects, web developers pick Symfony. Also, its documentation is large enough providing long-term support (LTS) releases.


After the popularity of Symfony, another PHP framework was launched in 2006. It is Zend that has earned a lot of esteem and recognized as the trusted PHP framework. Zend cannot be taken for granted in use and therefore it is used for building high-performance applications. Zend supports various customizable features and comes with the large documentation with it. You would go in deep and deep within its documentation.


Yii framework is most suitable for managing repetitive and iterative tasks in the projects. It is an open source, component-based, object-oriented PHP framework for web application. We can take it as “Yes it is” but its Chinese meaning is “Simple and evolutionary”.  Yii is preferred because it adds speed to the development. Yii code is logical and it uses abstractions for repetitions. It works on the concept of “DRY- Don’t Repeat Yourself”. It is beneficial and task reducing when you make any single element change, you need not change the elements that are logically unrelated. For creating web portals and forums, Yii is more often used.


Phalcon is a PHP C-extension with high-performance. Classes and extensions that PHP provides are ready to use for any application. The main feature that Phalcon gives ios you need to interpret the code rather it is already compiled for the particular platform. It requires less resources and therefore offers more speed to the development. Phalcon is best for MVC-based applications as it has low-level architecture. To write queries using a standardized SQL-like language, Phalcon Query Language (PHQL) is well suited with secure and powerful features. A template engine for Phalcon PHP is Volt that is built in C.  

Phalcon exploits Volt as a template engine

Phalcon and Zend are quite different from Symfony, Laravel and Yii while these three hold few similarities among them though they differ too. Laravel, Yii and Symfony are open source frameworks with wide and powerful range of tools. All provide strong communities and support ORM (Object-Relational Mapping). Three of them also support code scaffolding and interfacing pattern related to MVC (Model-View-Controller).


PHP frameworks have reduced the complexities of the web development. With an ease in coding, repetitions are replaced with abstractions and redundancy is reduced. Though all the PHP frameworks are used by PHP web developers yet Laravel is more often accepted by them. Depending on the modularity level, other PHP frameworks as Symfony, Yii, Phalcon, Zend are used.

If you too are looking forward for web development service for your online business, then, Hvantage Technologies is the complete web solution. Come to us and speak up your web requirements.


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