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Magento: A Giant CMS Platform for ecommerce Stores

Have you ever given a thought to why some eCommerce industries are flourishing more than other existing industries? There are many factors that contribute to the success of the eCommerce industries apart from advertisements and sales. We are here focussing on a powerful CMS that plays a crucial role in the success of eCommerce business.

There exist various CMS platforms like Shopify, Wordpress including Magento and many more in the market but you should we be wise in selecting the best one. The leading Amazon, Fort, Foxconnect, Lenovo, Nestle, Nike, Nespresso use Magento as CMS for the content management of their website. Having said, Magento is becoming an effective and powerful CMS that is contributing to the success of the eCommerce business.

Let's know more about Magento and why does it stand above all other CMS platforms:

1. Easy access

Magento developers have made Magento platform more user-friendly than other available CMS platforms. The platform is made with the best UX that can be optimized for the next versions. The back-end admin of Magento has been rebuilt by Magento developers.  

2. Flexibility

Magento is an open source platform that allows flexibility for the developers to personalize the code perusal. Magento supports various third-party integrations such as PayPal, QuickBooks, Google Shopping, MailChimp and web APIs.

3. Scalable

Magento is supportive all sizes business from micro to mini and mini to large enterprises. Magento has different versions for different size businesses. For instance, Magento Enterprises supports enterprises while Magneto Go is suitable for small business.   

4. Full of marketing Features

Magento takes over all CMS platforms by allowing upselling, cross-selling, suggestions tools. It comprises of marketing automation features like google analytics integration, latest promotion tools, customer segmentation in an advanced way while supporting targeted ad campaigns of eCommerce.

It also exploits various inbuilt custom report generation for sales, products, tax, product reviews and so on. This allows businesses to not get bothered for other individual software for performing such tasks.

Magento tops up an icing on the cake and has been built such that it supports advanced SEO. Magento developers have made this platform efficient that it shuns duplicate content, maintains SEO friendly descriptions and URLs, analyses page traffic, allows auto-generated sitemaps and reams of such functionalities to frame all SEO efforts.

5. Catalogue management

Magento streamlines the catalogue management by supporting the product uploading process and allows bulk uploading feature. It provides customization with product comparisons, wish-lists, reviews, downloadable products, price rules, product tags and image resizing.

6. Mobile-Supportive

Magento developers have made a supportive Magento platform for the website and mobile devices so that your business cannot be constrained to the limited users.

Magento is responsive to Mobile HTML5 as well as all mobile browsers. It also supports touch features of zooming and multi-touch, product image swiping, scaling image, drag-drop features, mobile product pages.  

7. Security

While building Magento, its developers have kept security feature in their mind.

Magneto is leveraged with SSL security on the frontend and backend for PCI assent with respect to user authentication, order management, and user data privacy.

They have built Magento that bases SSL security on the frontend and backend.

8. Returns Automation

Magento Enterprise allows easy return of the items. integrated with Return Merchandise Authorization System that manages the returns of your account.

This system efficiently and automatically manages purchasing and order returns from your eCommerce store. You need not be worried about your sales and returns data management.  

9. Backup Feature

Magento Enterprise-A Magento CMS for large enterprise leverages its users with backup recovery and rollback features that safeguard the users from data loss of products or orders information. The latest Magento allows the modifications or functionality adding. When you don’t find the modifications suitable, you can anytime roll-back to restore the older version.

10. Ampleness of Magento Features

Magento is built with various useful features for store owners and come up with useful extensions for Magento developers. Magento allows an advanced filtered search and works as a Google website optimizer, It also offers integration for A/B, role-specific features, multivariate testing capabilities, and more. Magento is efficient in managing the large content of the stores allowing store owners to run multiple stores at different locations. It also bases a platform for different currencies which make Magento as the first choice for the eCommerce retailers having different online stores worldwide.


Magento has been emerging as the perfect CMS for ecommerce retailers.  If you have set up your online store then give it a boost with the technology. Magento with accelerating technology incorporates various supporting features for the eCommerce solution that makes it essential for the online store owners. Whether you have your targeted customers at PC or through mobile devices, Magento is one stop solution and it is totally free for now. So, why not reap benefits of this open source platform and earn money from eCommerce industry.

We at Hvantage Technologies work on Magento platform for the online retailers that need the CMS platforms for managing their online store. We work with micro and mini stores and also enterprises to leverage them with the latest CMS to manage their online store accounts. Hvantage is the show stopper for Magento development.

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