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Few WordPress Errors and Solutions:WordPress Users Must Know

No doubt, the WordPress has been the first choice for publishing the blogs. As an average, around one million articles and almost double the comments get published on WordPress sites. Are you too a WordPress user? Are you too experiencing the errors in using your WordPress and looking for fixing the bugs? Maybe you have broken a plugin or there might be an error in the code. It all makes it hectic to handle the work on WordPress. Don’t panic, here is the list of few common errors and the way to fix them. But before opting any solution or taking your WordPress to any change, let us have a backup of your data to be at safe side.

Let's have a look….

1. Error while connecting database to the WordPress

More often you have gone through an error while establishing a database (where all your contents are being saved by WordPress) connection. This disturbs the WordPress user and top of that if the reason is unknown, then, it irritates more. Here, the common cause may be the server is down or the WordPress path might be incorrect. In both the cases, the WordPress is not allowing you to connect your database to the site.

How to resolve?

  • WordPress Repair Tool: At the right of the dashboard, there may be a message notifying that the database needs to be repaired. For this, WordPress Repair Tool will help you.

  • Contact your Hosting Provider: Another option is to contact your hosting provider and inform them about your problem. They can make you clear that whether this is a server problem or shutdown of the database (when the database size is filled up).

  • Scrutinize wp-config.php: If the above solutions haven’t worked anymore then you need to scrutinize the wp-config.php  either through File Manager installed at Cpanel or through FTP. Actually, FTP or file manager saves the data you entered while installing the WordPress. Check out the database name, username, password, and server. If they are not correct then edit them for correction.  

2. Error 505:  Internal Server Error

This may be another reason that your WordPress is not working. It is very unexpected error and has no particular reason. More often, 505 internal server error may result as  PHP memory limit might have reached or any issue in plugin or theme or may be .htaccess have corrupted.

How to Resolve?

  • Switching to Default Theme: The internal server error can be fixed by switching to default WordPress theme.  

  • Plugins Deactivation: One solution for 505 internal server error is to deactivate all plugins one by one. Through FTP, rename the wp-content/plugins folder to plugins_old to deactivate all plugins. Refresh the site and checkout. The error might have gone. Don’t forget to reactivate the plugin which has not caused this error.  

  • Memory Expansion: Contact your host to increase the PHP memory limit. When allowed, you can expand the limit through FTP by accessing wp-config.php file then use this code- define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64’); It will increase the memory limit to 64M.

3. 403 Forbidden Error

The most irritating error and especially to the new  WordPress users. It occurs due to improper plugin configuration which may deny the access permission to any page.

How to Resolve?

  • Plugins Deactivation: Same as above.

  • corrupted .htaccess File needs Fixation: Check out if there is any corrupted .htaccess File. If is it so, then, fix the file by connecting WordPress site through FTP. In root folder, locate .htaccess File

  • Fix the error by enabling Index.php: If the WordPress user hosts blogs on the Windows server, then, by enabling Index.php, the forbidden error can be fixed as there are chances of error in Directory indexes. For this, locate Cpanel and click on web options>> directory Indexes>> add index.php to the Directory Indexes.

  • Contact your Hosting Provider: If none of the above solutions didn’t work then contact your hosting provider and fix the bug.

4. LOGIN Page Refresh error

It is irritating when you try to log into your WordPress account but instead of logging in, you get redirected to the login page back to back. This might result due to wrong URL value or .htaccess file.

How to Resolve?

  • Deactivate plugins via your site FTP
  • Delete cookies on your computer

  • Delete .htaccess file

  • Try anyone solution or the combination can work for your error.

5. TIME OUT for Connection

When the server has a lot of loads (mostly in a shared server) the connection timed out error can be accounted.  Because of high load, the server can’t connect your site with it and therefore a delay in processing is experienced which exhausts your time limit of connection.

How to resolve?

  • By default, the solutions for this error are Memory Expansion and Plugin Deactivation.

6. Allowed Memory Size Error:

Sometimes the default memory is not sufficient that results in plugin or script exhaust. This may result in a white screen of death.  This usually happens to those WordPress users who use shared hosting as it is cheap. By default, the shared memory cannot the heavy plugins because of the memory limitation.

How to Resolve?

  • The obvious solution for this error resolution is the memory expansion or plugins deactivation as briefed above.

7. Unable to Upload Image

Sometimes, the WordPress users become unable to upload an image. Either the uploaded images seem to be broken or shattered. The error is shown when you try to upload an image. Basically, this results due to incorrect file permissions.

How to Resolve?

  • Change the permission level to 744 by connecting your site through FTP. If this does not work, try level 755.

8. WordPress sidebar has displaced

Generally, a sidebar appears at the left or right side but somehow it is appearing below the content. It affects the site layout.  This sidebar shifting is an error that can be caused opened or closed tags.

How to Resolve?

  • Work with HTML Validator to search where the problem is from and then resolve it.

9. Syntax or Parse  Error

It is a very common error that appears in the WordPress when the user tries to fit the code lines into PHP function file i.e. functions.php file. Here an error occurs notifying that it needs to be fixed.

How to Resolve?

  • The browser shows such parse error and the line of the errored code. To remove this error, connect your WordPress site through FTP and remove or delete that code line.  

10. Fatal Error

You might have seen this message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /example/site/wp-content/themes/yourtheme/index.php on line_14” on your browser. This is fatal error actually and commonly caused due to plugin disturbances. This error is easy to fix, as the message itself says where the error is. LIke in the above message the fatal error is due to theme layout.

How to resolve?

  • Check the code into the file and fix the problem.

  • If you don’t know the coding and programming hacks, contact the WordPress developers.

11. Unable to Delete a plugin

Since most of the errors can be fixed by deleting the plugins but even on deleting a plugin from the dashboard, the plugin still appears and that too with deleted directory then it may cause obstacles in your WordPress access.

How to Resolve?

Use Secure Shell (SSH) to Delete Plugin:

  • Access your blog through SSH and log into the WordPress site. Write a command “../wp-content/plugins/” to navigate and then locate that specific plugin that you are trying to delete. For the better results, delete the plugin with its folder name.

12. Drastic WsoD (White Screen of Death) Error

This error specifically occurs due to exhausted PHP memory limit or clashing of themes or plugin breakage. This irritates more as the screen goes white showing nothing.

How to Resolve?

  • This error too can be resolved by the above-mentioned solutions for 505 internal server error i.e. Plugins Deactivation & Memory Expansion.  If these don’t work then you can resolve this error through Debug Feature.
  • Debug Feature : In wp-config.php file write this code- define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true);. This will help you in knowing the reason for the error so that you can fix it.

13. You Forgot Your Password:

Apart from the machine errors, there may be a human error too. While accessing the WordPress account you need to set the username and password. But being human, you may have memory lack and may forget the password when you are logging in as the WordPress Admin of your account on the WordPress site. Even on recalling several times, you are not getting your password. What to do?

How to Resolve?

  • Reset email and password: Access phpMyAdmin through cpanel. Relocate the database to your site and reset the admin address.


The above-mentioned errors are the most common errors that a WordPress user generally face. But when you know the few hacks of a WordPress site you can easily fix them. Moreover, many errors can be resolved by PHP memory expansion, plugin deactivation and reactivation, or switching to a default theme. If you are a frequent user of the WordPress site, then, it this post holds worth for you. Try these hacks and work freely on the WordPress site.

Even if you are in trouble while operating your WordPress site, then, hire the team of Certified WordPress developers of Hvantage Technologies to develop WordPress CMS, plugin development, theme customization, and most important maintenance services, supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-quality technology tools.


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