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Time to Redesign Your Website

Time to Redesign your Website

We all have heard that “First impression is the last impression”. This holds more importance for online business. Perhaps, the very first things that customer pays attention to is- the website of your business. It is the first thing through which the customers either get attracted or get repelled from your business.

When customers go through any website, a chain of thoughts starts flowing to their minds like:

  1. Does this organization or service provider accurately serve their customers?

  2. Does it give a good experience to them?

  3. Does it prove helpful in meeting their shopping goals?

These are the few questions you should also ask yourself and if don’t get affirmative answers, then it is the moment to think about the redesigning of your business website. Apart from these reasons, there are some more dominant reasons that are putting your website down and visitors are repelling more than getting attracted.

  • Perhaps your website is no more mobile-friendly

The webmasters and web developers have given mobilegeddon, a new update of Google’s algorithm in April 2015. If you have not adopted it yet in 2018, then, it is a major reason you are lacking. The users have now been using smartphones more than the desktops. As per the survey reports of Go-Globe and HostingFacts, it has found out that around 52% of internet users access websites through mobile devices globally. To aid, by the end of this year, the mobile users via Internet would reach 80%. If the visitors cannot reach your website through their mobile devices and smartphones, then this gives you a major reason to redesign. What would you prefer- the same website with the limited users or redesigned website to make it accessible to 80% of the Internet users? It's up to you.  

  • Still working with outdated Technology

At the time when you had started your online business, the desktops supported the plugins but now the time has moved and people have switched to the mobile screens. The flash is no more responsive to the smartphones and therefore visitors are unable to reach your website. Then think, how would they make the conversion rates. The Flash and plugin based websites are even difficult for search engines like Google to read them. It makes it troublesome for search engine optimization. Also when users are forced to install any special setting like plugin to visit your website they would prefer to leave and access other latest technology based website. Again a reason to redesign your website to leverage the visitors with good visiting experience.

  • Haven’t you work on content updating from a long time?

For online visitors, the content plays an important role. If you are working with the vintage website that does not allow content Management System (CMS) it will lose the attraction of the visitors. By redesigning the website you can update the content as needed by the time. By keeping the up to date content retains the customers and visitors to your website that can drive more conversion rates. The enticing content that delivers offers and campaigns attracts new customers too. But for all, you need to redesign your website with CMS.

  • Your website is not as catchy as your competitors

In web design, the first impression is important.The customers always get attracted to the creativity and freshness. Your website should be catchy enough to attract the visitors within the starting few seconds. If you get succeeded, then chances are high that visitors will retain to your website and these visitors can be your customers. But the old designed website that is two or three years old can seem outdated as compared to your competitor’s website that has been updated a few days ago. If your website has grown enough too then it is time to redesign with the latest trends and creativeness.  

  • Business goals are not meeting with the website content and design

With time everything changes. Your business may also change with time and therefore website needs to be changed. Redesign your website with your new business goals and always work with the updated and modern website.

  • Ranking and Search Engine Optimization are not working Well for your website

The older website may not be built with SEO strategy, but for now, it has become crucial to work with SEO compatible website. With Google analytics and new search engine algorithms, if you are finding your ranking low then it is time to redesign the website. Since SEO affects the website and its visibility, therefore, you must keep your website updated. It helps in meeting the marketing goals.

  • The website is no more interesting

If you follow the principle of being simple then it might affect your business. This is the time where books are judged by their covers, especially in web designing. In this creative world where the website designing is not a big deal as there are many tools and also, many companies build the creative website and your competitors are building the website with the latest technologies and more creativity, your simple design might face low visits. The eye-catching website with the enticingly framed content helps in driving more visitors. So it is time to leave simplicity and move one step ahead in the path of creativity. Redesign your website with the eye-catchy design and see the magic.

Last words

The website is a beneficial business asset. It keeps the business alive in this online market. The online customers first visit the website and then make their buying decisions. A bad website can affect the business while a creative website built with the latest technologies allows its users to access through all mobile devices and helps in driving more customers to your business. If you are finding the above-mentioned points true for your website then the time has come to think about the redesigning of the website. With this said, the website redesigning does not assure your business would go well because a constant monitoring over the performance of the business is needed. If you feel the newly rebuilt website is not working as expected then again work on it until you start achieving your goals. Always remember, change is the rule of the world.  

Be wise in picking the right technology partner for your online business. There are many web developers in the market who can give you alluring offer in web development but as everything glitters is not gold therefore be wise in investing for web development. Hire the techno-savvy team of web developers who can understand the business goals and can build an engaging, creative, and enticing website for you. Hvantage Technologies is enriched with the creative web developers who work on the latest technologies and understand the depth of business needs. Hvantage has the calibre to deliver what the online business demands.

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