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What to Choose First for Business:Mobile App or Website?

It is the well-known essence that online retailers and business require either a website or mobile apps or if they carry both then it would be like more icing on the cake. A big thanks to the Internet, connectivity, and technology because of which the online businesses are flourishing day by day. The integration of Internet and technology has boosted the graph of the online market. The businesses are adopting the technologies to reach their customers in every possible way. They try to reach their customers through the website, develop mobile apps for their businesses or even reach them personally through their inbox (email or SMS).

The marketing gurus always recommend the online market holders to go with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test the market and response of the customers. But the first question here arises is what should be the first pick- a website or a mobile app?

Let us see what do the figures reveal…..

  1. In 2013, there were around 4.01 billion mobile users.

  2. In 2016, about 63% of world’s population has adopted the mobile phones.

  3. By 2019, about 5.07 billion people would be using mobile devices.

  4. About 26% of the world still uses the desktop for Internet browsing.

  5. About 21% of traffic is driven to the website through mobile devices (smartphone, tablets etc.).

Hash! These data are so confusing that the mystery of the mobile app development and website development has not solved yet. So let us dive deeper.

Here are the few questions that would help to choose between both. Ask yourself and try to answer. This will figure out the right pick for your business.

  • How many customers do you want to reach?

Since the website users and mobile device users are different in ratio, therefore, you must calculate whom you want to focus first. Since the use of mobile gadgets has been increased but it doesn’t mean that the website users are diminished. The visitors through their mobile devices access the website too. So you can reach more customers through the website rather through mobile apps. But here you must assure that your website must be adaptive to all devices( from desktop screen to tablets and smartphone screen). The users do not download all the app on their mobile phones until they find them essentially needed (as nobody wants to fill the internal storage) through but in actual they do visit more website when they search for their needs.

  • Does your mobile app is more often used?

If you are providing any service that requires more visit to your service page then mobile apps can be a better solution. Like people want to play games or see videos instantly when even they have a pinch of time while waiting for a bus at the bus stop or during their bus ride. Then mobile apps can serve better so that they can enjoy your services without an Internet connectivity. Because loading website during bus ride might take more time and Internet connectivity may be poor at some place.

  • Do you need to connect with your users frequently?

If your services require regular updates and notifications to be sent to your customers then building a website can be a wrong decision. Here you can have a point that you can build a mobile compatible website or web app then it might help at some level. But yet the mobile apps would make a faster and convenient way to reach your customers.

  • Do you need phone features access?

For servicing your customers, if you need to access the phone features like sensors, camera, geolocation to track then web app or website may lack. Here mobile app would serve better. To track the user for any on-demand or real-time services, the web app may not be compatible sometimes.

Here, one thing to note is you can build your website also with HTML5 that allows smartphone camera access and even more Gyroscope for games and geolocation API. Also, NodeJS allows the same features to the website as native mobile apps. But the website would lack in push notifications based on geolocation. This is the only feature of mobile apps.

  • Does your business affect the service speed?

No doubt that mobile apps are faster than website and web apps. Since web apps download the data from the server then it can take more time to load the information while the mobile apps can serve faster. Customers love immediate reply and responses. If your business and services depend upon the speed that attracts the customers then you should pick the mobile app service right off the bat.

  • Does your customer access your service offline?

The website and web apps require an Internet connection to access which can’t be possible at all locations like a basement in office, parking area, forests, airplanes, gyms etc.  then the user may get disconnected.

Here the mobile apps win the battle which can offer offline services. For instance, Google Maps now offers an offline map that eases the journey. Similarly, Dictionary mobile apps or traveling apps that offers offline access to them are preferable always.

  • What is your budget?

Depending upon your budget, you should opt between the website development or mobile app development for your business. At the initial level of business, everyone must go with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or rapid prototype development. Here building the website can be in the budget. But if you are opting the web app then your budget may shake you. As UI/UX of a web app must be compatible with the different mobile devices like tablets, smartphones or mobile gadgets that use the different platforms, this would cost you more than the website development. Also if you are picking mobile apps then you must build such apps that would be compatible with iOS, Windows platforms. Though Windows users are less in number yet it would be ideal if you build the mobile apps compatible with three platforms. It will definitely take more bytes of your budget.

  • Do you offer location-based services?

If your services are location-based then it would be easy to serve your customers through mobile apps installed on their smartphones rather tracking them through the websites and IP address they are using.  For secure services, GPS feature consoles more. Like Uber, Lyft etc. that gives on-demand riding services build its trust among users through GPS sharing location. Also, it allows its service providers to track and reach their customers precisely.

To Conclude

For the above questions wherever you get the more affirmative answers go ahead with them. Being practical, website, web apps or mobile apps all are important for the business because you deal with the varying users that are not consistent with a single platform only.  Many startups at the initial level choose to build a mobile app which can prove a big fault in stars. Building website using modern technologies like HTML5 and node JS can be compatible with the mobile device. Post receiving response on the website you can go with the mobile app development. Although the mobile apps users are going to increase in the upcoming days yet the website and desktops users are still making way for the website development. To stand in an online market it has become vital to opt for a website and a mobile app to proceed further in the business. All the best!

Hvantage Technologies understands the vitality of website and mobile app development for the businesses. Therefore, we build the mobile apps and website with the latest technologies to be compatible with all screens of every mobile device.  


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