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Ways to Maximize Keyword Spread in Ecommerce

The most important and crucial role of SEO is to maximize the discoverability of a website or online business so that more users can come across it and can add to the conversion rates. This is achieved by keyword spread. The keywords spreading exponentially increases your website rankings and optimizes the visibility of the website. This enhances the business sales. But only keyword stuffing is not suggested. The keywords must be selected with the right content to target the right audience so that the visitors can be converted into the clients and customers. The visitors must find the relevant content and description for the items and services they are searching else even going to your website through the keywords you have stuffed they might skip your site just because they didn’t find something worth they are looking for. The strategic approach with the right keywords stuffed will take your ecommerce site to another level of discoverability and visibility among users.

The keywords when put in the informational content with figures, data, facts help the users to know more about the services and products they are looking for. This ranks the content commercially and thus gains the user’s insights more. Since customers mostly search on the Google rather on other search engines, therefore you should also adopt the Google approach to make your websites and products ranking on the top of the web page.

For retaining customers at your products and brands, you must win the customer’s trust. Once you build the trust bridge between you and your customers then the customers become loyal to your brand. They will keep on buying from you. They would definitely pay you constantly but only when they find the exact match between your products and their needs. If they find everything from you they want then lesser will the chances they will go anywhere else.

Keyword Spread Opportunity

The keyword Spread opportunity helps in ranking the websites. The wider you spread the keywords into the content more are the chances to get traffic, to be at the top position and to lower the risk of negative sales and increases the chances of achieving the expected ROIs. With keyword spread, you need to work on the market strategy and awareness and loyalty building during the buying cycle of the customers. The customers start with the interest in the information and then browse more when they find something specific and relevant. This results in the conversions from browsers to buyers; visitors to customers.

Let’s have some examples of eCommerce retailer:

1. RevZilla:

It is an eCommerce company that is engaged in selling the motorcycle gear. The company has done wonderful work on the Keyword spread which helped it in ranking on the top pages for their targeted categories. It uses the keyword stuffing in a right way for all the products and categories which is powering up their ranking.

  • It has also adopted the Adwords bids and campaigns to attract more visitors apart from their organic approach. It is a wise decision to bid on the keywords that are not resulting in the organic conversions.

  • Their wise SEO team has picked the right head keywords and brand keywords that are bringing the audience to their page. Also, they have wisely used their keywords with the famous brands which are other ways to bring the audience to their pages and websites.    

2. Argos:

It is UK based online retail-based company that sells home furnishing and toys in the market. This company has done a fair work in Keyword spread. The website has stuffed proper keywords in their meta text and titles that make it more visible and discoverable to the visitors. It is also using its advanced SEO to optimize its ranking and visibility.

3. Asos:

It is a UK based apparel company selling apparels for both men and women. This company is flourishing in its online sales with the powerful SEO rankings. Its organic search is powerful that is yielding the sales. To aid to it, the Adwords search is its new weapon for yielding more conversion rates.

In this line, there are many more online retailers who are working with powerful SEO strategies in eCommerce.

Ways to Maximize the Keyword spread…

Here are the ways through which you can maximize your keyword approach:

  1. Keyword Research first: If you have worked with the efficient SEO team then it is needless to say that before proceeding further in keyword spread you must have gone through the keyword research. As keywords are very important therefore SEO team should work in-depth on this.

  2. Perform an SEO Analysis: Post keyword research, a flawless SEO analysis must also be done to figure out which keywords are resulting best and which are least helpful in the organic search. Know about the competitor’s approach, trending and high-value keywords and compelling content and on-page, off-page factors, social signals etc. to take a further step in keyword spread.

  3. Widen the Contextual & Semantic Approach: The giant search engine, Google, now working ahead in removing the semantic gap between the customer’s search and relevant keywords. Google has now been adopting a new way to look not only at the keywords on the page but also on the group of relevant keywords search. Based on your location and personal preferences, Google will come up with the searching results. Therefore you need to expand your contextual approach too.

  4. Audit the Keyword Performance: Keep eye on the Google Analytics. Get the report on organic traffic driving keywords of previous months. Analyse both the pages that carry higher engagements and that carry lower organic search results. Also, analyze the time people are spending on the page and corresponding average time on the site. Make it a regular habit to go through the keyword performance audit after a specified interval.

  5. Implement a chain of redirecting links: It is always recommended to work with URL’s directory structure so that you can create more relevant keywords and add them to the sub-directories. This helps in creating the authority and flow to the higher ranking pages so that it can rank more in the competition.

  6. Work on the page optimization as per the Specific attribute keywords: If you are glued with the same keywords then Google finds it difficult to rank the pages that carry the same ranking keywords. It doesn’t mean that you start removing the same keywords. Wait, it is not the solution, rather include the specific attribute keywords for the products. Optimize the title and content based on the specific color, features, and category. It will help Google a lot in optimizing the pages as per the ranking keywords and searching.

  7. Create a difference line between you and your competitors: While including information and data about the services and products you are offering, give the pinpoint difference between you and your competitors. This will define how do you differ from others and how are you best among others. This also saves your customer from going to another site for data mining of your competitors. When they get the relevant information on your page only then why would you leave yours? Think about it and work on it.

  8. Relevant content is always recommended: Last but not the least, the customers want the specific and related content only else he/she might leave your page. Build a captivating content and add the specific product information on the page. The sellers who sell the niche products must focus on the content as their products are specified in their own way, therefore, they must reveal the specific information.


To be in the market, you must adopt the major SEO guidelines. The above-mentioned ways will help you in optimizing the page and to rank at the first page of the search engines. Ask your SEO team to build new pages as per the keyword research and stuff proper metadata, attributes and for title optimization. With the basic SEO work, the time has come to adopt the advanced SEO guidelines. If you are enriched with the efficient SEO team then go ahead but if you lack this important team then this is the time to outsource your SEO services to there skilled SEO members.

We at Hvantage are enriched with the sufficient and efficient SEO member that are well qualified. Our SEO team works on the Google Analytics, Google Adwords and keyword spread strategies to make your page optimized and visible at the top of the searching engines.

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