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Impact of IoT on Mobile Apps

If anyone would be asked that with whom you spend most of your time, the time has gone that you would expect any family member or friends to be their answer rather their answer will be their smartphones. Yes, people nowadays are more compatible with their smartphones and spend maximum time with it only. They don’t hangout without a smartphone and while being at home too they are glued to their smartphone. The smartphones have changed the lives of people completely. From searching any information on a website to searching the hotels or places to visit; from booking tickets online to booking cabs; from ordering food to ordering any on-demand services online; from buying any item to selling the items all have now been possible through a smartphone in their hand. These extreme use of smartphones has given a rise to the mobile app development business. But the mobile app development is not now limited to the smartphones only rather the app developers have taken an advanced step. They are efforting to connect the smartphones to other gadgets, device and even common things too. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology has given a new move to the smartphone world.

Since the Internet of Things has covered a wide room at its starting yet many people have a different point of view and they deny with the suggestion of connecting things. Few of them are of the opinion that there exist millions of mobile apps to connect with the devices and gadgets so what is the need of connecting smartphones and devices to the common things. Then why are we opting IoT?

At the development side, all this can make a lot of troubles as working on the SKU’s of one app, adding multilingual assistance to make it compatible with other systems and devices and allowing access to other things. All this makes app developing process time-consuming. But IoT has been bringing a massive transformation to the technical creations. With the smart technology, the world is being smart and there remains no difference between the real and virtual world. The smart wearables like a smart belt, watches, etc. are adopting the IoT and aboveall the mobile apps are making all it possible.  

Mobile Apps transforming the IoT

It would be a nightmare to imagine your smartphone without any mobile app. The technologies have shown their impact through these mobile apps only else every technology would be left blank without any implementation. The mobile apps have visioned a journey of technology from cloud computing, AR, VR to IoT. The mobile apps have impacted the business as well as the consumer approaches. Therefore, the businesses and enterprises are looking forward to the mobile app development that is laced with IoT.

Areas which are no left to have IoT Impact:

  • Retail and e-commerce

  • Software and technology

  • Transport and mobility

  • Infrastructure

  • Health and fitness

  • Manufacturing

The scopes and barricades  in developing IoT mobile Apps

       1. Alliance & Integration:

The world is moving at the faster rate with rapidly changing technologies. The technical innovations and creations are happening within no time an eye takes to blink. In this smartphones laced with the mobile apps are playing a crucial role in connecting the world, users, things, and technologies. This needs synchronization and integration among the security, identity, and documentation of the business, enterprises and consumer’s apps. IoT is a big thing to work on. It requires skilled mobile app developers which can work on the integration of the users and the things specifically cluster of things.

2. Privacy

The concept of IoT is to connect everything that can be connected. Your device with the alarm clock, watch-wearables, car, office lift, chair, laptop etc. Even this connectivity can be increased with your colleague’s laptop, mobile, and their wearables too. This means anyone can use other’s information whether they are personal, private or professional. The tracking becomes easier and anyone connected to that system can access anyone’s information not sure for good or bad. The beacons, sensors, cameras are making the tracking and hacking of data more possible. It is a big challenge for the techno-savvy IoT developers to ramify the personal data from access.

3. Robust Design & glossy Performance

Since the smartphones with the compatible mobile apps are now sufficient to handle business, enterprises and even for buying the world, thus a smooth performing mobile apps are needed to ease the user’s experience. For industrial use and data access, non-hectic designed mobile apps are needed so that the data loggers can easily maintain the records. The mobile apps should be effortless. To aid, when IoT will be implemented, the mobile apps would require an elegant design and simple process so that the data of the connected devices can be handled easily. For real-time processing of the connected devices, the design and access should be smooth and effortless. The IoT developers need to work hard to smooth the user’s experience. Easy navigation, robust design, and smooth performance are the need of the mobile apps for the smartphones.

Bottom Words

With the IoT, the mobile apps must be robust in data flow among the connected devices, gadgets, and things. The mobile apps for enterprise and industrial use need a collaboration and integration with the changing technologies and devices. A perfect synchronization is needed among the mobile apps and the things connected. The IoT is a giant technology that is spreading its wings over the software world. The market needs the efficient and skilled mobile app developers that can give their full hand on working over the Internet of Things and the latest technologies.

We at Hvantage are enriched with such skilled developers that understand the technologies in depth and work with the spirit of learning new technologies with an ease. The mobile apps for every sector laced with the latest technologies like cloud computing, IoT, AR, VR etc, are our strength.


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