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A Comprehensive list of Instructions to build a Food Ordering Mobile App

We are undeniably becoming symbiotic with technology these days and mobile apps are completely consuming our smart-phones in the process of making it much more feasible for executing the activities. Now a food application doesn’t exactly sound like that a new concept. It doesn’t just let the users order food without waiting, but also helps food chain owners expand their business niche.

Why does one need a food ordering mobile application?

Major benefit of having a mobile application is a boost to the user base. Your visitors might be a 100 per day, but the app lets you have 500 orders in a day. Another added advantage is that the app comes with 24*7 operations and almost no time constraint. It works pretty well in accomplishing business insights. In collaboration with a proper mobile app development company and correct aligned approach, it can work wonders.

Determine the exact user base of your mobile app!

Anyone with a busy lifestyle (which comprises almost everyone these days) forms your user base. Generic knowledge! What matters here is how you identify your major segment within this. Developing an app that lets this busy user base order food with few clicks and using display effectively with proper navigation would just seal the deal for you.

Extra flowery information and irrelevant clogging of your display screen is another thing to watch out for. Highlight only those things that your user desires to see.

Features that you should ponder upon:

The main menu page

Simple and lucid text as well as images on the main menu is a bang on!

Booking options

Perform a justified billing as per the dishes selected and allow them to change the order as well. This can be great add-on for your food ordering mobile app.

Instant orders

Display the meals that can be served within a short time! Might turn out to be a boon for impatient people!

Allow them to make their own dishes

What if a consumer likes a dish that is made by their own ingredients? So, allow them select their own ingredients, so that they can have their favourite meals.

Healthy diets charts and veggies 

You can add specially prepared veggies so as to attract the large group of vegetable lovers and fitness oriented users at the same time.

Push Notifications

Keep the users updated with the latest offers and the discounts. Serves a great deal in engaging them!

Order Tracking

It helps the users to track the estimated time about the meal delivery!

Payment Gateways

Integrating payment gateway can cut the deal for your application. Remember to integrate Cash on Delivery into the payment modes, as that is still the most prevailing one!

Referrals and Awards

Referrals and Awards for loyal customers are a great way to keep them engaged. Award the customers and provide them attractive deals for making the references or booking a significant number of orders.

Beginning your food application development:

  • Verify all the user requirements and analyze your competitive strategies, as it sets the right direction for app development.
  • Selecting a correct platform: Deciding upon iOS or Android directs your user base. Overlapping your business requirements with the competitors would lead to misguided platform selection.
  • Integrate advanced features into the application using collaborative work flow on the designs and features.
  • Create an app prototype with all the features and technical adjustments, so as to streamline the development procedures.
  • Check all the quality parameters.
  • Analyze and deploy the testing strategies for getting the application published on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Conduct a detailed research about the features to be integrated and earn an understating about the designing concepts as well.
  • Try to make the app as simple and attractive for a real hit in the massive competition.

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