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Outsource Media Monitoring

Have you stopped at just advertising and marketing your services/products? If not, then its time your business started investing on media monitoring. Contrary to popular belief, media exposure is not the end, but the beginning. Media monitoring is a must, if you want to know how your products/services will fare in the international market.

With media monitoring, you can keep a close watch over your media exposure efforts and the money that you have invested. You can also avail an in-depth analysis of the quality of your media exposure.

Why outsource media research?

Media research is the examination of product placements, audio/video releases, public affairs, infomercials, news, sponsorships, sports, billboards, use of copyrighted audio/video etc. However, keeping a track of such diverse media channels requires expert analytical skills, tracking tools and contacts in the media. Conducting media research in-house can be very time-consuming and expensive. It could also shift your focus from your core business activities.

What media research services can be outsourced?

  1. Print publications: Media monitoring and tracking of any type of print publication (newspapers and magazines) across the world, be it financial, mainline or vernacular. Through the constant monitoring of advertisements, press releases, tenders, articles or editorials, you can be aware of how the media is showcasing your business.
  1. TV news channels: Want to know how your company is portrayed on TV? By observing the latest business news, reports, interviews, tickers or stock analysis, you can find out how your company is portrayed on both regional and mainline TV news channels.
  2. Websites and portals: The internet is fast becoming a strong media contender, so if you are not observing news on the net, then you are definitely missing out on something. With online media monitoring, you can get to know the latest from various news and opinion based sites and financial/business portals.
  3. Blog monitoring: Over the years, several blogs have propped up and become influential. Though blog monitoring is tough, it is also rewarding, if done in the right manner. With expert blog monitoring services, you can find out what millions of blogs are saying about your company. Companies like Hvantage Technologies use automated blog monitoring tools to make sure that no blog posting is missed out.

Outsource media monitoring services give your business a competitive edge.


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