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6 Frameworks you should use in 2019 for developing Seamless Mobile Apps

6 Frameworks you should use in 2019 for developing Seamless Mobile Apps

We are living in the world of digitalization where the technologies have changed our Lifestyle. The majority of the tasks could be performed by just clicking and touching  The smart devices and within seconds they will be done. The credit for accomplishing all the tasks in a few seconds goes to the mobile app and web development. In this fashion of leveraging the users with the latest and faster technologies and giving them a seamless user experience.

Choosing the right technology for your technical needs is an important factor which takes your business either to top or down. This technical era demands the user experience which can take your client to the sea of engaging experience without letting them drowned in the backlog and delay in using the app or website of the business.

The technocrats have been thriving to evolving and exploring the technologies, ideas, tools, frameworks, and everything to ease the development task and build rapid and brightening products for the users. Here is the list of a few frameworks that gonna help the mobile app developers to build a seamless experience for their users.

1. JQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile is one of the robust frameworks that can be used for building mobile apps as well as the websites. It is based on the HTML5. The developers will get support for building Mac OS, Windows, Firefox, Kindle, Blackberry applications. It allows one-time code for developing various applications which ease the coding stress of the developers. The best thing about JQuery is it can run across all devices without any restrictions.

One can use this framework to built both mobile apps as well as websites and get extensive supports for all types of operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Blackberry, Firefox, and Kindle etc. There exist two versions of jQuery framework depending on the utility of the applications. You can download it as the customized framework or the stable version.

2. Ionic

For mobile app development, Ionic is one of the robustly used frameworks. There are many reasons why mobile app developers love this framework. FYI, Iconic is free to use and eases the native-based app development. It uses a combination of CSS3, Javascript, and HTML. It is a wrapping angular framework with easy maintenance. Iconic is used for the with the Cordova, PhoneGap and for the Software Development Kit.

3. Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is suitable for developing apps using HTML5, Javascript, and CSS. It is an open source solution based on Apache Cordova. It avails additional plugins with more functionality and is hardware independent so that the developers can build interactive apps without any restriction of the device. Mostly used by hybrid app developers.

4. Xamarin

Microsoft is known as the giant software developer and it keeps on introducing the new frameworks and software development kit for the developers. Xamarin is one of the useful frameworks of Microsoft for mobile app development. For using Xamazrin, the app developers must be friendly with C# codebase to develop apps for iOS, Android and windows. Xamarin framework is tested for hundreds of clouds services and is a time-saver for the developers to build robust applications. It has its interface tools for development which eases the coding task.   is tested for hundreds for cloud services and is a cost-effective

5. Corona SDK

Corona SDK is the most speedy framework for the mobile app developers which hits back all other frameworks. It leverages with quicker improvements in the applications. It is feasible and adaptive to build robust applications for Windows, Android and Mac OS. Corona SDK helps the software developers to build desktop applications as well as Kindle applications. Corona SDK with its quicker performance

Is best for building TV applications for Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV.

6. Mobile Angular UI

An open source UI framework for mobile app development. It allows easy conversion of web app into the mobile app by simply using CSS file for it. The apps built by Mobil Angular UI are easy to access, more responsive and touch-enabled. With mobile angular UI, the developers can use libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js to build superfast, robust and interactive applications. It is free of cost framework which combines the Bootstrap and Angular framework during implementation.


In the market of mobile app development, there exist many tools and mechanism to build the glam and glitz mobile apps for users. The mobile app development companies are implementing the best ideas with the latest designing tools to come with interactive, useful and responsive mobile apps for their clients.

We at Hvantage Technologies is full of prodigy mobile app developers who utilize their skills to build the real applications for the users.

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