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Calculate ROI for your Business

Its time to Calculate ROI for your Business


Have anyone asked you-

  • How much your investment in business returns you with the profit?

  • What is the ROI of your business?   

To answer this, you must have calculated the ROI or profit and analyze the progress of your business.

The success of every business is calculated from the amount of profit it returns after investment. This calculation is important for every business, as it determines the business efficiency and its progress. To calculate the profit of your business, you obviously need to know how much extra money has been generated on the money you had invested. In business, it is termed as ROI i.e. Return of Investment. It helps the businessmen to improve the strategy to reach the ultimate profit goals for the business. The ROI calculation is an important metric to set the foundation for moving ahead to reach the expected profit.

Why ROI calculation is important?

To check the performance of the business, the business owners rely on the calculation of ROI. It defines the efficiency of any business that how successfully the business is progressing and achieving the financial goals. Expressed in a percentage ratio, ROI calculates the efficiency of the investment of the business.

How to calculate ROI?

While mobile app development there are many stages where you need to invest your resources and money. Right from designing an app to write its snippet for UI and then for a campaign, promotion, and onboarding on the play store or app store, you spend money so as to get the desired outcomes. Therefore, an accurate calculation of your expenditure needs to be calculated so that you can know how effective your investment is in terms of performance.  

We have derived a simple formula for ROI calculation:                        

                         ROI = Advantages/Costs

The total number of advantages your resource offers divided by the cost or investment you have done in your business measures the return of investment.

For every business, it is quintessential to calculate ROI so that they can know about the profit and gain in the business. There are many ways for the ROI calculation. Here we are mentioning a few important parameters to calculate ROI.

Here it goes-

1. Be specific in objectives

For your business, app development is an important part where you need to invest wisely. Therefore before any investment and implementation, be specific in your goals. Be clear with your mobile app developers and let them know everything about your business purpose and objectives.

2. App Development Costs

Next comes the calculation of the mobile app. How much money would an app cost?

You need to confine your objectives in the budget. The app development cost depends on the features, designing, and technology the developers will use. The app development cost includes support and integration charges, hardware costs and its implementation cost to make the app working and live on the platform (Android, iOS or hybrid) for which it is designed.

3. Define KPI for every app

The factors which are crucial for the ultimate success of your business will be the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Every business has a different set of KPI. For instance, for ecommerce business, the retention rate and loyalty metric are important while for the on-demand services app, app’s proactivity is important. These all measure the ROI of your business by calculating the factors affecting the performance of an app and how effectively the app achieve the end-results and customer interaction. Therefore, you need to bifurcate the metrics for different mobile apps for your different type of businesses.

4. Weigh your KPI Measurements and Costs

Once you have decided the KPI for different apps being used in your business, now it’s time to estimate the overall cost of the app. The development cost would differ in accordance with the KPI you have set for your mobile app. This cost estimation would help you in deciding the budget and selecting the exclusive features that would really serve the purpose of your business.  

The above step by step approach would calculate the accurate ROI so that you can know where your business is heading. This will let you know whether you are getting right leads or not or the number of leads are decreasing or increasing.  These parameters would give you the chance to look at the performance of your resources. At any moment, if you find any KPI less effective, you can make changes in the app designing and function for the better performance of your app to chase the speed of the business for achieving the desired goals.


From defining the objectives to specifying the KPI for the app, ROI depends on many factors and metrics. For efficient calculation of profits and gains, you need to strategize every parameter and feature so that the resource would give the favorable end results for your business. This calculation helps in upgrading the services and performance of the mobile app for your business.

We at Hvantage Technologies deliver the mobile app with the ultimate proficiency that serves your business purpose. At every step, we take care of the business profit and use the resources minimally but achieve the maximum goals in business.

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