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AWS Mobile Hub

Serverless Architecture and AWS Mobile Hub:New Boom in the Application Development Cycle

Cloud Computing has changed the development and deployment methodology. The virtual servers have hyped the development process resulting in more productivity. The developer of past years was involved in developing as well as performing several tasks like storage and security handling, maintenance, even the content management. This used to take a lot of time of the developers and distracted them from the core work. But now with the cloud computing and cloud servers, the developers can fully get involved in the developing part only.

With the advancement in the cloud computing technology, there are many platforms are available that gives a gamut of services to the users. In this series, Amazon Web Services(AWS) is flying its flag over the others. Most of the mobile application development companies have adopted this AWS and more have been adopting this technique.

AWS has been utilized for mobile application, web application, entertainment and media applications, video streaming, Internet of Things(IoT), business apps, healthcare, analytics applications etc.

The mobile applications with AWS leverage:

  1. Uniqueness and fresh experience

  2. Easiness in developing the applications

  3. Flexibility in testing and deploying

  4. Real-Time Facility

  5. Scalability

  6. Collaboration and integration with the available applications and databases.

  7. Users insights and engagement

  8. security

The popular applications like Hike, yelp, Netflix etc. are AWS based only. The microservices and serverless architecture help in giving a strong backend and stupefied experience.

Microservices and Serverless

For a developer, it becomes hard and complicated to integrate each code with the functions and variable that are interrelated. With this, physical servers as per the requisites for maintaining the databases were required. This adds more cost of purchasing and maintenance. Here the cloud computing has given a new way to the developers. It gives microservices and serverless architecture to the developers which removed the complexities of managing the storage for databases.

In serverless architecture, the lambda function is accessed to instruct the servers through the code execution on AWS Lambda for the task to be performed.

Deploying - An important step in application process

Deploying process holds the same importance as development process. Therefore the developers always search for the easy and less complicated solutions. AWS allows serverless microservices through AWS Lambda, Amazon Gateway API, Amazon Cognito that make the application phase easier.

AWS Mobile Hub

AWS is a really a hub for serving features that allows the developers to code in a minimized way and in few code lines. It makes the developers concentrate on the real application rather on the coding complications.

The AWS has made the developing and deploying process easier in the application cycle. All the features minimize the coding lines but emphasize on creating the real-time application with a better experience. The user data can easily get synchronized even they operate through multiple devices. The AWS sign-in feature and content delivery access the database on the cloud storage and gives the user an accessible experience. All the features of AWS focus on faster experience and low memory allocation performance of the mobile apps or web applications.

Let’s have a look at the AWS Mobile Hub features:

  • Sign-in: That creates or integrates the app’s identity for/with the social identity providers.

  • No-SQL Database: AWS offers a cloud managed database for data storage and fetching.

  • Cloud Logic: It gives a direct creation of business-related logics without setting a server.

  • User Data Storage: Developers can customize the filters to synchronize the user’s data on the cloud storage.  

  • App Analytics: The App analytics feature of AWS allows the developers and market researchers to analyze the usage and revenue of the app trends.  

  • Push Notification: With Push notification feature, the developers can send push messages or notifications to several gadgets and devices through UDID or device token.  

  • App Content Delivery: It is an important feature of AWS that allows users to access the cloud content. With this, the user’s content can be created globally at Content Delivery Network(CDN) or at an individual location depending upon the requirement of the application.

With the above features of AWS in Mobile Hub, there are three more enticing features of AWS., They are:

  • New sign-in option

  • SaaS connectors/Custom connectors

  • Conversational interfaces for mobile apps: Amazon Lex

The Amazon Lex feature integrates the mobile apps with the real-time business application through the technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition and with few Natural algorithms.

Bottom Line

The AWS has given a new way to the developers to work more focused on the application cycle of development an deploying rather on bugs and errors in the coding. For any business, the need is only for the efficient developers who can understand the depth of the mobile or web application requirement and can play with the code with least complications. Hvantage is full of efficient and experienced team in coding such applications with the real-time results.

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