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Ebay Connector

The open ERP module dispensed by Hvantage Technologies aims on integrating eBay marketplace with the business services.

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Ebay Connector

With Hvantage's EBay Connector services, importing product categories, images, prices, orders etc seamlessly into the overall working of the firm, not only provides strengthened foothold, but also stimulates the process streamlining.

Features of our Ebay Connecor

  • eBay currency import management
  • eBay policies management
  • eBay attributes management
  • eBay terms and conditions
  • eBay product categorization
  • eBay product listings
  • eBay order management
  • eBay product shipping management
  • eBay product tracking management
  • eBay workflow invoicing
  • eBay product details updating

How to setup and configure eBay instance?

Post installation, users are required to configure eBay instances. Selections of predefined eBay currency across countries as well as eBay sites are efficiently dispensed.

EBay instance access credentials

Developer keys, tokens become the mandatory access points for users for integration into eBay account

Operations in eBay

The configuration settings involved within sales options are the eBay connector speciality

1) eBay countries and currencies import

Allows users to import currencies across eBay operating countries

2) eBay policy import

Syncing shipping policy across selected eBay countries

3) eBay product categorization

Importing product categories in eBay assists in product recording at Hvantage

4) eBay item listing

Product master feature assisting in imported item listing across Hvantage.

5) Import Ebay Sale Order Placed Against Active Item Listings

Orders placed against imported product listings are actively recorded by the system

Auto-invoicing order workflow

Customizable invoicing workflow becomes easier than ever before under the payment customization of Hvantage process settings

Product Listing On eBay

Three major product operations:

1) eBay product export

Under the sales operations, eBay product export can be facilitated

2) eBay product information updates

Revision of product availability for information updating on eBay is efficiently devised

3) eBay Product Listings

Closing of eBay product listings also becomes an accessible option

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