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Reducing Average Handle Time At Call Centers

Reducing Average Handle Time At Call Centers

The contact time (including hold time and talk time) between a customer and an agent constitute to the AHT (Average Handle Time). It is a known as a universal fact that a low AHT translates into a good performance and a high AHT is a warning sign. Calculation of AHT is simply done as (Total Hold Time + Total Wrap-up Time + Total Talk Time)/Number of calls handled) and is marked to be the most important factor to assess a business’s customer service efficiency. Wherein AHT plays a very important role in the realm, CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) should be a conscious consideration a low AHT maintenance. Here are few tips that you can leverage to keep a low AHT:

  • Experience repository: Keeping a call record is an invaluable practice and a stepping stone to success. Assessing the productivity of agents through the call records help in further assisting them as well as maintaining the knowledge database in order to attain better results on AHT. Such a base can then provide better solutions and responses to forthcoming queries.

  • Apply technology for streamlining: Automate most of processes in the organization so that the functionality of the firm is kept efficiently amplified and more time-consuming tasks can be taken up. Optimal services in a call centre can be ensured with the presence of robust systems and technological infrastructure so as to avoid elongated time durations over unnecessary tasks. Deploying IVRs and auto attendants in order to answer very frequent questions comes in very handy to reduce AHT.

  • Minimise expenditure on unnecessary customer services: Try spending less time over initial greetings to cut to the chase as soon as you can. Asking unnecessary and rhetorical questions would only lead to addition of seconds to the AHT. Make sure to slow down your agents when it comes to handling calls after calls as it would only lead to exhaustive service provision. Taking feedbacks from customer service representatives also gives out an accurate picture of what works for your brand as it is way important to get agent reviews on any field test.

  • Manage call control: Controlling the content of a call is a skill and it’s always important for agents to stick to the point rather than going round about anything. It is an advantage to analyze the way an agent deals with a particular genre of issues and hence his/her performance should be taken into consideration while allotting them with themed calls.

  • Shared experience: Hands-on experience is achieved from on-ground calls. If an agent with low AHT is identified and his/her skills are explained to the other agents treating them as role models, better value addition can be experienced. Merely rushing through conversations would only lead to dissatisfied customers and that is one thing that negates the whole concept of a customer service call centre.

Striving for optimal outputs in terms with AHTs might drain out various resources for the firm internally. Hence, it is always a maximizing opportunity for the firms to outsource their services to external service providers. We, at Hvantage Technologies are one best option for your call centre outsourcing dealings, offering your business with the most experienced agents in the domain because we understand how much your customer services matter to you.

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