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11 Best Practices For Developing Mobile Applications

11 Best Practices For Developing Mobile Applications

Smartphones have touched people’s lives immensely over the past few years. Mobile applications and app development companies are focusing on making the user experience smooth, day in and day out. Here are 11 best practices to inculcate in the process of developing mobile based applications:

  1. Finding local target audience and issues: The whole concept of the Uber App was designed to solve the problem of cabs in San Francisco in 2010. Now, Uber is available in many countries and cities across the globe and helps to solve the problem of shortage of cabs, by connecting passengers to taxi drivers via the app. Hence, solving a local pressing issue will go a long way in helping the app reach popularity.

  2. Smooth UX and UI: Maintaining a simple, yet elegant design of an app is key to success. The whole reason why Whatsapp is a success of our generation is its neat and seamless user experience and interface. A seamless user experience plays a very major role in increasing the number of downloads of an app.

  3. Robust Backend: A robust backend for mobile applications, popularly known as MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service), is integral to user management, data storage, social-network integration, analytics data, push notifications, secure connectivity and more. The data of the app should be handled behind the scenes without any glitches.

  4. User-Centric Conception: The whole app should be conceptualized and designed based on the requirements and demands of the user or major user-base. Extensive research and survey analytics should be deployed so as to understand the needs and aspirations of the current smartphone user.

  5. Device and OS compatibility:  A particular mobile application should be designed using the latest tools and technologies. The app should also be compatible with all phone based operating systems from Android to iOS. It should also be web browser compatible to attract the pro-web based users. Cross platform mobile app development and Web Application should be clubbed together to target all user base groups.

  6. Rewards and Loyalty Incentives: The app user should be given rewards for using the app for a long time or a reward for signing up to the app. Users are attracted to such offers and it can definitely help the app get a jump start.

  7. Data Analytics: The app owners need to monitor how their apps are used to get a sense as to where they need to improve. Popular mobile app analytical tools are Google Analytics, Geckoboard, and KISSmetrics. They monitor all statistics of the user and how much and when they use. Suppose the app analytics suggests that the major user base is the age group of 15-25, then they fully focus on revamping their apps accordingly.

  8. Social Media Integration:  In today’s generation, it is very crucial for a mobile application to be integrated with the social media so that the users can share their experiences and opinions via the app on their social media profiles of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

  9. User Data and Information Security: Companies and firm are spending millions of dollars presently, to ensure that their database and information is secure from all the threats around the globe. App developing companies need to assure the user that their personal data is subject to the highest level of security. For example, Whatsapp assures its users that their messages are encrypted at the both ends, so no one in the middle can access and read their messages. This level of security is a necessity in today’s era.

  10. Continuous Testing: An app should be tested continuously before releasing it to its users in the app store. The app should be tested across all devices, across all data connections, and over WiFi devices. After many rounds of rigorous testing and removing bugs, then only the app should be released to the users.

  11. Continuous Updates and Improvements: An app should send regular updates to its users around the world. No mobile application is perfect and there always remain some bugs which are found out about later. Hence, the mobile application developer should continuously pay heed to user feedback and remove any bugs or glitches and provide perennial updates.

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