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Minimizing Delays In Software Development Cycle

Minimizing Delays In Software Development Cycle

The software is something that forms an intricate part of any business, especially when new products and applications are launched every day to compete with the growing business requirements. What would make a firm lead in such a case is for it to keep developing and innovating with the market needs? Software development company solutions are hence a major part matching up to this challenge.

Software development process of a firm hence plays an imperative role for a software development company where an agile and innovative strategy emerges and that is how new-age solutions rewrite software applications or mobile applications development while minimizing time. In such situations, the aid of outsourcing services helps a great deal to streamline the software application development procedure.

Now, it would be an advantage if a firm could effectively minimize the SDLC delays, commonly known as ‘waste’. Here are a few ways in which that can be done:

  • Minimized delays due to collaboration time – Delayed interactions between excessively interdependent multiple working teams may lead to a lot of cost incurrence for the dependent teams. Manual deployment of software and applications might also lead to coordination delays. This is where coordination automation might come in for a help.

  • Task switching – A lot of time gets lost in familiarization and realigning task information when any kind of hand-off occurs. Internal automated application deployment could manage information in a well-organized manner.

  • Movement – This delay happens when executive personnel move physically from one place to another and hence results in loss of time for travel and long meetings. Automated file sharing, discussion boards, and information sharing ensures minimization of movement delays.

  • Overhead processes – Numerous overhead procedures within the development cycle doesn’t help in adding much value to either the customer or to the product. Technically outdated processes, collation etc cause a lot of unnecessary delays. Now, this can be reduced with proper evaluation and not following each and every SDLC step blindly.

  • Removal of extra features – Unnecessary features in software slow it down. Hence it is better to align business ideas along with priority and approval requirement before development. Get your testing software to work here.

  • Partial work – Incomplete features that haven’t been completed lead to waste. An iterative approach can tend to complete the dependency chains and also bring out the logical disclosure.

  • Defects – It becomes both difficult and expensive to amend flaws at the later stages of reporting. The time thus wasted in defects incurs cost penalties. It is better to test bugs beforehand. The efficient testing software comes in handy at such juncture.

  • Unified Life-cycle management – Different parts of software development process might be completed by different parties. Alignment of these different parts in a unified manner help in connecting business leads.

  • Utilize forces with development – Using appropriate tools, smooth communication and collaboration can be developed.

  • Innovating – There should always be room for innovation so as to adhere and combat ever changing business scenarios.

Instead of focussing on all of this and wasting time that you can utilize for other work, outsource with the leading software development company in order to let us take care of it for you. We, at Hvantage Technologies, understand your needs and business like no one does. Outsourcing with us not only streamlines, but also strengthens your business processes.

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