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How Can Customer Services Turn My Sales Pain Into Sales Gain

How Can Customer Services Turn My Sales Pain Into Sales Gain

In today’s online world, almost every shopper knows the power of expression. Whether be it a mere status update, a tweet or a blog, it can reach out to umpteen people within minutes of the effective broadcast. Hence, when word of mouth plays such a major role, it becomes important for the E-Commerce stores to maintain a personal rapport with their customers. Outsourcing customer service not just helps in building your brand, but also strategies your marketing schemes for outreach.

Defining your brand on various media channels becomes a key point when it comes to creating an expandable customer service platform. Now there are few channels that you can target majorly in order to strengthen your E-commerce back-end support services and what matters most is how you put them to use in order to derive a great customer experience. Once they are impressed, you can expect them to return as repeat buyers and suggesting your E-commerce services to hundred other people. A little acknowledgment that you care about what your customers feel can make your store go viral! Here are a few hacks with which you can do it:

  • Email Support

A live E-mail support is something great to start with if the E-mails are attractive, prompt and intrigue the customers with things that they would like to hear. Even if you end up receiving thousands of emails per day, make it a point to deploy an adequate number of people to handle those in a correct manner. Organizing and managing the mailbox should be a task on priority for you when it comes to dispensing great customer support. It is an added advantage if you use a domain name for your E-commerce store, providing it more weight and credibility. Several online servers like Google apps for business etc procure the same for you. You can even create a FAQ portal learning from your E-mail responses. Don’t just reply to the emails! Put them to use and expand the popularity of E-commerce services.

  • Stay live on social media

It is the time that you understand the power of social media and its outreach. Staying active on multiple social channels is a strategic way to stay connected and remind people of your business. Bringing social media as an advantage to your business helps cover up for queries, complaints as well as information. Using a social media also presents your ideas in a creative manner and on a personal level. According to studies, a whole lot of 99% commercial brands are on Twitter, getting responses from a substantial set of the online customer base. It then becomes a focal point to handle a live and updated Twitter account, following up with your frequent customers and thus creating a personal vibe online for your E-commerce store.

  • Live Chat servers

Deploy a live chat server on your website so that a customer can get their concerns addressed immediately without going through the hassles (and mind you, the delays) of emailing or calling you for their issues. Sometimes, a customer might just give up the idea of shopping with you while he/she is thinking to email or call you! Having someone to chat with them promptly makes a customer feel more at home and close to your brand.

  • Phone Support

It is tremendously important for your business to have a personal phone line for immediate inquiry and support. Outsourcing to a call center becomes one option in this case, however, for a small business; a dedicated team can do the job. Staying connected over calls provide a great deal of comfort and credibility to your customers when it comes to trusting you. You have an endless opportunity to learn about your customers and minimize the time delay hassles. For any items that are highly priced and might be a cause of hesitation for your customers, building a trustworthy rapport comes in quite handy over a personal call.

Even if all this sounds like a lot of tasks, outsourcing customer services with Hvantage Technologies can easily do the job for your E-commerce store. This way, we take care of your customer related hassles and you can focus on making your store an even better place to shop!

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