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7 reasons why schools should need a collaborative platform to communicate with parents

7 reasons why schools should need a collaborative platform to communicate with parents

Schools and parents have long maintained a very congenial relationship for the common interests of directly benefiting children of the school. Parents carefully scrutinize the educational technology process of how different schools impart education before admitting their child into a particular school. One of the many factors that parents of the modern age keep into consideration is how much the school administration keeps the parents of the children in the loop, be it through mobile applications. Therefore, it is essential for any school to build a collaborative platform to communicate with parents, because of the following reasons:

  1. Academic Track Record:
    Nowadays, parents want to be a part of their child’s academic growth as much as their teachers and school. When a good and solid collaborative platform is built, like a good 
    School ERP Management Systemor mobile app, parents can be a part of what the child is learning and how he or she is performing subject wise or course wise. A good online platform will have a chronological academic track record of the child’s performance with respect to time and semester.
  2. Notices:
    Earlier paper printed notices for emergency events, shows or meetings were given to students to hand it over to their parents, but those notices never used to reach all parents on time. However, when this old and tedious process will be replaced by a simple email or a notification on the website which parents will regularly log in and check, the whole educational technology process will become more efficient and hassle free for all the parties involved, that is, the teachers, students, and parents.
  3. Fees:
    In this era of digital payments and online banking, maintaining a written fees book can be a tedious task for modern parents. It’s time for schools to adapt to the modern times and integrate online fees paying portal with the collaborative platforms or mobile apps that they have developed for parents. Not only this makes the fees paying process easier, but also it makes the job of the parents and school administration to maintain their accounting systems with all finance-related issues and solutions at one place. I still remember my parents standing in a queue with other parents to pay the fees for a single month.
  4. Attendance:
    With a robust educational technology platform in place, gone are the days of bunking school for children. Parents can easily track the attendance of their child by accessing the online attendance system, not only day wise, but also class wise.
  5. Extra-Curricular Activities:
    Parents can now view the school’s ERP website and find out easily about the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and all the details about those activities (fees, time, etc.) right through the mobile applications. Therefore, they can judge which activities are the best for their child and can get their children enrolled merely by filling out a simple form and paying the required fees through one-click online payment.
  6. Upcoming Schedule:
    Through this collaborative platform to communicate with parents, the latter can be well informed about upcoming activities using the detailed calendar online. The calendar will enlist all the details about the planned events coming up, from any academic activity to sports and co-curricular activities.
  7. Daily Behaviour and Performance:
    The parents can keep a tab on their child’s daily activities and behavior via a track record that teachers update daily. It is essential for parents to know how active their child is in school, for which they are spending huge amounts of money and efforts. These online portals for educational technology will help them to know if the child is fully benefitting from the schooling system or not.

Maintaining a communicative relationship with the academic fraternity of their children becomes a matter of intricate importance for the parents. We understand this at Hvantage and cater to the best of your technological needs when it comes to your child.

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