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How is technology effecting our teachers and what is its importance

It appears like years since MySpace, first launched in 2003, Facebook (2004) and Twitter (2007) have changed the whole landscape of information technology. The internet from simply an apparatus of individual correspondence has become a stage for instructive direction and effort. Online networking is currently being seen as an acknowledged type of direction in a few cases, and gatherings, for example, Scholastic Teachers give excellent support and tips to educators. Numerous teachers utilize web-based social networking to discuss specific topics with their students, or to make forums or groups for students to discuss with each other, and the technique seems quite efficient to solve the inquiries and concerns of students one on one.

Technology has in it to be a game changer for teachers in far-flung places and schools with few resources. A range of software platforms developed for education industry by Hvantage technologies offer teachers the ability to learn from best practices, customize lesson plans, manage assignments and complete evaluationsWe build collaborative teacher - student / parent platform for school and universities to ensure fast and transparent communication.

Learning management systems, as they are named, are already a $5.2 billion industry, and they are projected to grow to $16 billion in four years, according to a recent study. It's not just schools using this technology. Technology is simply penetrating into every other field that involves knowledge and wisdom, the world is fast moving towards artificial intelligence. Increase in adoption of online learning among academic institutes will contribute to the growth, as well as the rise of technologies such as gamification and virtual reality has tremendously made the future look bleak for learning through traditional methods

With the development of innovation with technology solutions, teaching abilities are developing and changing each day. The Internet is a tremendous electronic library of data, and both research and direction can be accomplished through a tick of the mouse. As technology advances, a teacher's capacities will develop significantly, and without the learning of these progressions and abilities, an educator has a decent possibility of being deserted. For learning this advancements and to stay updated with the changing world, Hvantage makes customized mobile apps which are quite user friendly and easy to adapt. We make secure, web-based, easy-to-use, customizable online Test solutions so that you can conduct exams online for students and with advanced analytics, you can keep a track of the performance of every student.

A vocation in education requires diligent work and devotion, in any case, for the modern teacher, technology is a boon. For teachers who are not shy to learn and adapt to modern changes, opportunities are huge. As the universe of innovation advances, the learning condition, both on-grounds and on the web, will similarly advance and the demandfor educators who are well versed in modern techniques of teaching will keep on growing.

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